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Mar 26th 2015

Know How... 136

Car Hacking, NAT's VLAN's and AlienX

We use NAT "Network Address Translation" to segment a network.
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Car Hacking just got a lot easier, we got NAT in our NAT, when should you use a VLAN, AlienX integration, and more! A $60 Gadget That Makes Car Hacking Far Easier Alien-X Integration Frame: Dead Cat or "X-Alien" Frame $18 Motors: EMAX 2213-935KV (Pack of 4)) $58.31 ESCs: F-30A FIRE RED SERIES SIMONK-(RAPIDESC) ($10ea x 4) $40 Power Distribution: POWER DISTRIBUTION BOARD 2OZ COPPER $2 Propellors HQ PROP 8X4.5 SF CARBON COMPOSITE PROP ($4.38 X 2) $8.76 Flight Controller KK2.1.5 Flight Controller $19 Straight Pins $3 Connectors $3.5 Support: 14 AWG Stranded Silicone Wire (5' + 5') $7.5 Heat Shrink Tubing $4.39 3.5mm Bullet Connectors (20 Male + 20 Female) $3.99 Nylon Spacers $4.96 M3-0.5 8mm Machine Screw $4.55 Total $177.96 Tools: Wire Cutters Insulation Strippers Soldering Iron + solder Helping Hands Screwdriver w/Phillips and Hex bits Velcro Strapping Also Required: Radio/Receiver Battery Charger Procedure 1. Decide which arms will be for and aft, then mark your arms #1-4 (Clockwise from front left) 2. Mount motors on arms with 8mm M3-0.5 screws, lightly covered in Locktite Blue 3. Thread Motor leads to top deck of arms 4. Mark ESC motor leads - leaving room for Bullet Connectors 5. Cut/Tin motor leads and power leads on ESCs (unless pre-cut and tinned) 6. Solder Female 3.5mm bullet connectors to the ESC motor leads 7. Solder Male 3.5mm bullet connectors on the ESC power leads 8. Insulate ends with heatshrink 10.Connect bullet connectors of ESCs to motors 11. Zip Tie ESCs to arms 12. Cut/Strip/Tin 8 x 2" lengths of 14 AWG silicone wire (4 red, 4 black) 13. Cut/Strip/Tin 2 x 5" lengths of 14 AWG silicone wire (1 red, 1 black) 14. Solder a female 2mm bullet connector to the end of each 2" wire 15. Solder both 5" lengths of wire into a Male XT60 connector 16. Insulate ends with heatshrink 17. Solder the other ends of all wires into the Power Distribution Board 18. Using nylon spacers, mount the Power Distribution board, contact points upwards to the lower frame plate 19. Attach arms to lower frame. 20. Run power and control leads from ESCs to interior of craft 21. Connect ESC power leads to PDB power leads 22. Mount top frame plate on arms. 23. Connect ESC leads to Flight Controller 24. Connect Receiver leads to flight controller

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