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Mar 19th 2015

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Hydrophobic Coatings, Reverse Mouse Fix, and Unbalanced Props

Part 3 of our Arduino Clock Project
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
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Superhydrophobic coatings, how to fix ELAN Reversed Mouse, Arduino Clock part 3, unbalanced props are the #1 reason for "jello" video, and more. WinTips: Reversed Mouse + Screen Brightness Alan Delgado asks, "I just got a new Acer S7 after you showed me yours at CES, and I LOVE it, but I think it's broken. The Trackpad is reversed, like it is on Macs, and I can't find out how to fix it. The Elan Utility has a section for reverse" scrolling, but it's greyed out. Also, the screen is REALLY dim. I have it turned all the way up, but it never seems to be as bright as yours. Do I have a defective laptop? Should I send it back?" To fix the ELAN "Reversed Mouse" 1. Open the "Elan Smart Pad" Utility 2. Go to the "Additional" tab 3. Switch from "ZoomPerfect" to "Microsoft Modern Touchpad Experience" 4. Click Apply 5. Go to the "Multi-Finger" tab 6. Click on "Scrolling" 7. Uncheck "Reverse" 8. Click "OK" To fix "Screen Dimness" *The Problem is that the "Adaptive Brightness" will keep the screen from going full-bright in all but the brightest environments. 1. Click the Power Icon in the lower right tray. 2. Click "Adjust Screen Brightness" 3. Click "Change Plan Settings" on the power plan you currently have active 4. Click "Change Advanced Power Settings" 5. Scroll to, and dropdown the "Display" option 6. Dropdown the "Enable adaptive brightness" option 7. Click the "On" next to "On Battery" 8. Change it to off 9. Click the "On" next to "Plugged in:" 10. Change it to off 11. Click "OK" QC: Balancing Props Unbalanced props are the #1 reason for "jello" video. -- They can also cause premature wear on the multi-rotor's motors and frame -- Not to mention that the excessive vibration can cause innacuracies in the FC's sensors Spinning at a few thousand times per second can turn even a small imbalance into a major vibration So what we need to do is to balance the prop so that weight is as equally spread around the blades (and hub) as possible Tools and Materials: 1. A prop balance The Du-Bro 499 Tru-Spin Prop Balance 2. Level Plastic Bubble Ruler 3. Tape or Sandpaper Procedure: 1. Assemble the Prop Balancer 2. Place the prop balancer on a level surface, then level the prop balancer with your bubble ruler. 3. Mount the prop on the beam, making sure that it's snug in the holder. Turning the prop should turn the beam and vice-versa. -- If the prop isn't properly secured, it will wobble, which will invalidate the balancing. 4. Place the beam between the arms of the balancer, making sure that it freely turns. 5. Spin the prop/beam assembly and watch for wobbles. If it wobbles, the prop isn't properly secured. 6. Set the prop so that both blades are equal distances from the table surface, then release. * The heavier side of the prop will fall. 7. Add tape to the lighter blade, or sand the heavier blade. -- Repeat the test.

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