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Mar 5th 2015

Know How... 133

Project Alien-X, Arduino Clock, and Network Testers

The Nissan GT-R LM Nismo is a Front Wheel Drive beast!
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Nissan introduces the GT-R LM Nismo, Project Alien X, Arduino Clock, Network tester options, and more. Alien-X Parts List * We're doing this segment two weeks before the build because we want people to have time to order parts Frame: Dead Cat or "X-Alien" Frame $18.00 * There are many manufacturers that make clones of this frame * Just make sure that yours has a "clean plate", vibration dampners, and a velcro strap. Motors: EMAX 2213-935KV (Pack of 4)) $58.31 -- or -- WITESPY RED SPECIAL MOTOR (2212-1000KV) ($10.50ea x 4: $42) $42.00 ESCs: F-30A FIRE RED SERIES SIMONK-(RAPIDESC) ($10ea x 4) $40.00 Power Distribution: POWER DISTRIBUTION BOARD 2OZ COPPER $2.00 Propellors HQ PROP 8X4.5 SF CARBON COMPOSITE PROP ($4.38 X 2) $8.76 Flight Controller KK2.1.5 Flight Controller $19.00 Straight Pins $3.00 Connectors $3.50 Support: 14 AWG Stranded Silicone Wire (5' + 5') $7.50 Heat Shrink Tubing $4.39 3.5mm Bullet Connectors (20 Male + 20 Female) $3.99 Nylon Spacers $4.96 M3-0.5 8mm Machine Screw $4.55 Total $177.96 OR -- With WhiteSpy Red Special Motors $161.65 Tools: Wire Cutters Insulation Strippers Soldering Iron + solder Helping Hands Screwdriver w/Phillips and Hex bits Velcro Strapping Not Included in this List: Radio Transmitter/Receiver Battery Charger A few things to know about this build: 1. I spec'd out 8" props because the craft is more responsive. However, you can go with 10" props and have a more stable, must less responsive quadcopter. 2. If you go with 8" props, you can use a 4s battery. This gives you quite a bit more performance. If you use 10" props, keep it to a 3s battery, you'll overtax the motors if you try to run 10" with 4s. 3. With props this size, it is ESSENTIAL that you balance your props. Unbalanced props won't just cause shaky video, they can cause excessive vibrations that can damage the motor and compromise the frame. 4. While you're at it, you're going to want to balance the motors as well. 5. If you use a KK flight controller, you'll probably want to install it on the top deck for easy access to the screen and controls. However, if you install a FC without on-board controls/screen, then install it between the top and bottom deck, just above the power distribution block. I had a "Fluke NetTool 10/100 $200-$400 -- Great unit for cable testing, and for basic network testing -- Between $100-$500 on eBay ** But it only does 10/100... NOT Gigabit The "Fluke IntelliTone 200" -- Toner and Probe that can also do wire testing. (But no network testing) ~$200

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