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Dec 18th 2014

Know How... 123

F1 History, Quiet Fans, First Quad Flight, & a Rocket Bike!

In case you didn't know this is Episode 123
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Category: Help & How To

There once was an F1 car with 6 wheels, how to build a quiet PC, thin client with a Chrome Box, first flight with our quadcopter build, hydrogen peroxide rocket bike, and more!

Racing History: When F1 cars almost had 6 wheels

  • In the 1970's, car designer "Derek Gardner", with support from "Sir Jackie Stewart" mulled the idea of building an F1 car with 6 wheels.
    • The car would have regular-sized rear-wheels, and two sets of smaller, 10" tires at the front.
    • The car was called the "P34" and it made it's debut in 1976.
    • IN THEORY, the car could have been great:
      • 6 tires, even if 4 of them are smaller than normal F1 tires, would give the car more contact with the ground, which could be GREAT for cornering and braking.
      • Smaller wheels in front are also far more aerodynamically compatible with the countours of the car. It did ok!
    • 10 podium finishes in 1976.
  • Problems:
    • Front wheels spun 1.6 times faster than rear wheels.... so they wore out more quickly.
    • The faster wheel spin also wore out the brakes more quickly.
    • And it was crazy unreliable (8 retirements with those 10 wins)

There were other teams that tried the concept:

  • Ferrari tried to make a "Dually" racer, with four wheels on a single drive axel.
  • McLaren tried four smaller wheels as the thrust wheels.


Adam EL-Idrissi

"Getting a norco Rpc-430 4u case and installing i3-4130 on a micro atx motherboard and 6 hard drives. The case has 2 80mm fans and I was wondering what would be recommended for an efficient fan but as quiet as possible?"

A few Things to remember about fans:

  1. Slower = Quieter (unless you bought a REALLY bad fan)
  2. Bigger blades can turn more slowly to deliver the same amount of air as a small fan turning quickly
  3. Ball bearing fans will last longer than sleve fans. (Though they can be really hard to find.)

Jason Perry

Was just watching BYB and they did a review of the Acer Chrome box. Is it bad that my first thought is that would make a great thin client. ?

Rob Yesta

"Padre, on today's KH you said the show notes would include an updated parts list for 230 and 250. What about the 450? I like to build a 450 to add my GoPro for video. The 450 on the show looked clean and simple with the GoPro.?"

Padre's "X-Alien" 450 Class Quadcopter:

This build needs a radio, battery, charger and props.

Rider: François Gissy Group: "Exotic Thermo Engineering"

Here are the stats:

  • 333kh/h or 207mph in 4.8 seconds
  • Uses a hydrogen peroxide rocket
  • Has three thrusters from the combustion chamber
  • Provides 4.5kN of thrust or 560 Horsepower

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