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Aug 28th 2014

Know How... 108

Super Backup, RC Parts List, & Feedback

Lunchbox with braiiiiiiins!
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Brains for Project Lunchbox, make a super backup, Lunchbox parts list, Dynamic DNS, analyzing wireless, WD Red drives are great for NAS not for your desktop, and more.

Braiiiiiins for Project Lunchbox

Maybe Project Lunchbox is going to get some brains! Brent Burnette (in the Know How G+ Group) sent us the link to an AWESOME possible addition to Project Lunchbox A company by the name of "3D Robotics" has been making a "Multiplatform Auto Pilot" for planes, boats... and land vehicles - They've created two products, the "APM" and the "Pixhawk" auto-pilot boards that can run missions with a set of pre-programmed GPS waypoints. The APM was originally created as a UAV system -- built on the Arduino Platform. - It won the 2012 Outback UAV challenge - It allowed them to turn ANY fixed wing, rotary or multirotor vehicle (in other words, plane/copter/quad-copter) into a GPS-programmable autonomous vehicle. If we were to use it in Project Lunchbox, we would install the controller between the reciever and the servos/speed controller. - It could be programmed to follow a pre-programmed GPS path - It could also be set to "learn" a path as driven by the user The platform also has the ability to use $115.00 Ball Bearing Set - $15.00 Futaba 2 Channel AM Remote Control - $44.00 2 x 2.3v 3800mAh Batteries + Tenergy Smart Charger - $60.00 Total Price (As Built) - $234.00 If Project Lunchbox is too expensive: Tamiya Grasshopper Kit (Includes 380 Motor and ESC) - $94.00 Futaba 2 Channel AM Remote Control - $44.00 7.2V 1500mAg 6-Cell NiCD Battery Pack - $12.00 Tenergy Trickle Charger - $7.00 Total Price - $157

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