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Oct 24th 2023

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Apple Maps Tips & Tricks

Make the most of Apple Maps on your iPhone & iPad

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Category: Reviews

Despite its rocky launch, the Apple Maps app continues to improve and impress. Rosemary Orchard and Mikah Sargent share some tips & tricks to help you make the most of the built-in navigation app on your iPhone and iPad.

  • View maps on iPhone
  •  Look around places in Maps on iPhone
  •  Take Flyover tours in Maps on iPhone
  •  Save favorite places in Maps on iPhone
  •  Get information about places in Maps on iPhone
  •  Download offline Maps on iPhone
  •  Get traffic and weather info in Maps on iPhone
  •  Get directions on Apple Watch

  •  Apple announces special event for October 30: ‘Scary fast’
  •  How and why to use Double Tap on your Apple Watch Series 9 or Ultra 2
  •  Your carbon-neutral Apple Watch might not be so green after all — EU accuses Apple of 'misleading' consumers and 'accounting tricks'

    Shortcuts Corner
  •  Mark wants to know if shared Shortcuts are linked to the original Shortcut.

    Feedback & Questions
  •  Mike says “Unlock Phone with Apple Watch” was the setting needed to fix iPhone's auto-unlock problem
  •  Dee wants to set up repeating tasks on iPhone and iPad.

    App Caps
  • Rosemary's App Cap: Elgato Capture & Elgato HD60 X & Chat Link Pro
  • Mikah's App Cap: Flic Twist

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