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Oct 11th 2022

iOS Today 623

Supercharge Shortcuts with these Apps

Data Jar, Pushcut, Jayson, Yoink, & more!

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Category: Reviews

Matthew Cassinelli joins Rosemary Orchard this week to supercharge iPhone/iPad shortcuts with some very useful apps that enhance functionality. Matthew also explains App Shortcuts and how they're organized in iOS 16.

  •  Data jar
  • Toolbox Pro
  •  Logger for shortcuts
  •  Pushcut
  •  Jayson
  •  Yoink drag & drop
  •  Crouton Cooking Companion


  • Confusion around German airline Lufthansa and a ban on Apple AirTags  
  • Crash Detection on the iPhone 14 is creating false alarms during roller coaster rides
  •  Shazam can now allow Siri-identified songs to be added to Control Center's Music Recognition History 


  •  Digital DIY Geek wants to know how Rosemary and Matthew approach the building of a shortcut
  •  Simon wants to know how to write MP3 tags with shortcut actions
  •  Kevin wants to automatically save PDF email attachments that he receives to his iCloud

App Caps

  •  LC-dolida Bluetooth Sport Headband
  • HidrateSpark Smart Bottle 

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