iOS Today with Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

Jul 26th 2022

iOS Today 612

Our Favorite Editors' Choice Apps

Bear Notes, Mr. Crab, Otter Voice Notes, Notion, and more!
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Category: Reviews

Check out Mikah and Rosemary's favorite picks from the App Store Editors' Choice list. From voice transcribing to photo editing, these are some high-quality downloads you should check out!

  • Bear - Markdown Notes
  • Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes
  • Pixelmator
  • Endel: Focus, Sleep, Relax
  • Mr. Crab
  • Everything Machine


  • A free issue of Macworld digital magazine for all visitors
  • Alaska Airlines’ e-ink bag label pairs with your iPhone to create an electronic baggage tag
  • Amazon says Matter really matters to its smart home ambitions
  • Apple is going to start removing Apple Arcade games – this is why
  • Apple created the ultimate guide for how Apple Watch and Health are improving lives

Shortcuts Corner

  • Rosemary follows up on Anthony's shortcut request by recommending that he use NFC tags!
  • Alan asks how to display the screen brightness percentage via shortcut.

Feedback & Questions

  • Mike wants to know if Sound Recognition in iOS 16 can be used to auto-open his door by interacting with his Nuki/intercom. 

App Caps

  • Rosemary: Turn off "Hey Siri" when your iPhone is face down
  • Mikah: Mactracker


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