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Jul 19th 2022

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Setting Up Focus Modes on Your iPhone

Notifications, Home Screen, Lock Screen, Automation
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Personalize your custom Focus modes in iOS 15 or iOS 16, from silencing specific notifications to switching screens based on location.

  • Home Screen customization
  • Lock Screen customization
  • Focus activation scheduling
  • Using particular colors for context


  • Matter gets closer with the new Thread 1.3.0 specification
  • Apple will slow hiring/spending for some team divisions
  • Apple Pay is at the root of a proposed class-action lawsuit 

Shortcuts Corner

  • Anthony wants to know a quick way to bring up a massage music playlist upon arrival at the office!
  • Roy wants to Silence Unknown Callers in just one tap.
  • Carol desires to minimize the amount of time she takes adjusting the volume on her hearing aide app.

Feedback & Questions

  • John is curious if iOS 16 will work with an iPhone 7.
  • AC is searching for an ad-blocking app for Apple devices.

App Caps

  • Matthew's App: Milanote
  • Mikah's App: Flighty 

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