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Feb 11th 2020

iOS Today 485

Get up and Go With These Apps for iOS

Geocaching, Strava, Pokemon Go, and more on iOS!
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Category: Reviews

On this week's episode of iOS Today with Leo Laporte and Matthew Cassinelli:

  • Apps to help you get out of the house: Geocaching, Pokemon GO, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Foursquare, Strava, Minecraft Earth, and GyPSy Guides.
  • News: Xcode 11.4 supporting universal purchases, NYPD replacing handwritten logs with an app, Apple Watch outselling the Swiss watch industry, France fining Apple $27 million, and more.
  • Feedback: 'Reminders' sharing is broken, plus some brand picks for a nice bag.
  • Matthew's App Cap: Endel
  • Leo's App Cap: Spelltower+

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