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Feb 3rd 2023

Host-Read Ads 20's Annual Survey - It Works!

Hosted by Lisa Laporte's Annual Survey - It Works!

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Category: Help & How To

Here at, we do not invade our audiences' privacy like Google, Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and the rest of the tech world. We rely on an annual survey to allow our audience to contribute information to us instead of tracking them to find out who they are because we want to respect our fans.

It's not rocket science why podcasts have begun to dominate the media landscape. Podcasts are readily available and accessible to anyone with a listening device; most people can multitask while listening, and, most importantly, podcasts build community. And if anyone knows about podcast communities, it's (If you haven't already, join us at Club TWiT, where you can chat with hosts and producers, be the first to know about special events, plus so much more.)

You've heard how much we love our audience, which is unquestionably true. Our loyal listeners make TWiT the best and longest-running tech podcast network. We love to hear feedback about what listeners look forward to hearing, what they don't like, how they prefer to listen, all of it! The more we can do to enhance our listeners' experience, the better. 

The 2023 TWiT Audience Survey was available for the month of January, and we received more than 10,000 responses. This annual survey helps us get a clear, general idea of our audience. It allows us to make better programming decisions and pick advertisers our audience will be interested in. We want to assure everyone that we do not identify our fans in any way and only use the aggregate information from the survey responses. (For example, "More than 60% of our audience are in management level or higher.") We know many fans take privacy very seriously, and we respect that.

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