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Sep 28th 2017

Home Theater Geeks 373

Audio Mastering at The Bakery

Hosted by Scott Wilkinson

The secrets of audio mastering.

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Guests: Eric Boulanger
Category: News

Mastering engineer Eric Boulanger talks about the process of mastering audio for music recordings. Topics include how he got into audio engineering after being a professional violinist, the process of mastering (especially for vinyl), the "loudness wars" (or as Eric prefers, the "loudness plague"), how he started his current facility called The Bakery, stories from mastering such titles as the soundtrack from La La Land and albums by Rufus Wainwright, Diana Krall, and Colbie Calliat, his involvement in Apple's "Mastered for iTunes” initiative, the real value of high-resolution audio, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

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