Home Theater Geeks

Feb 16th 2017

Home Theater Geeks 341

Inside Sony Technology

Hosted by Scott Wilkinson
Sony TVs have big brains!
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Guests: Philip Jones
Category: Reviews

Philip Jones, Product Technology Manager for Sony Electronics, talks about some of the concepts and technologies used in the company's TVs. These include the importance of color volume in the world of high dynamic range (HDR), the perceptual effects of the point-spread function and the Hunt Effect, HDR10 and how some Sony TVs generate dynamic metadata from it, the addition of Dolby Vision to some Sony TVs thanks to the X1 Extreme processor, object-based HDR remastering of SDR content, Super Bit Mapping, dual-database image enhancement and noise reduction, Backlight Master Drive and Slim Backlight Drive LCD-backlighting systems, CLEDIS micro-LED display, Acoustic Surface audio on the A1E OLED, answers to chatroom questions, and more.

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