FLOSS Weekly with Doc Searls

Apr 22nd 2015

FLOSS Weekly 333


Hosted by Randal Schwartz
Tim Pritlove and Podlove.
Records live every Wednesday at 12:30pm Eastern / 9:30am Pacific / 16:30 UTC.
Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Dan Lynch Podlove is an initiative to improve the overall technical infrastructure for podcasting. Podlove is both an network for developers to discuss features and agree on standards as well as an incubator for software and file formats under the Podlove name. Tim Pritlove is founder and coordinator of Project Podlove. While making just minor code contributions he's behind the specifications, doing most of the public communication, event organization and is behind most design documents and feature requests. Guest: Tim Pritlove Download or subscribe to this show at twit.tv/floss. Here's what's coming up for FLOSS in the future. Think your open source project should be on FLOSS Weekly? Email Randal at merlyn@stonehenge.com. Thanks to Cachefly for providing the bandwidth for this podcast, and Lullabot's Jeff Robbins, web designer and musician, for our theme music. Runtime: 1:04:18