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Jul 24th 2014

Coding 101 27

Perl: Reading POST Form Actions

Use POST with CGI in Perl.
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Ivory Tower

Let's play with some POST! Last week we used the "GET" method within the HTML "FORM" tag to get information from the browser.

<FORM METHOD=GET ACTION="../cgi-bin/">
<h2>Would you care to name this creature?</h2><br>
<INPUT NAME="NameOfCreature"><br>

  • If we type "My Dog" into the field and click Submit, it will create a URL that calls the script "" and passes it the value "My+Dog"
  • The resulting URL would read: cgi-bin/ Now we're going to use "POST"
  • While "GET" was fine for little pieces of data entry from the user, "POST" is the preferred methods for sending longer strings and combinations of HTML FORM data.
    • Unlike GET, POST requests have no restriction on data length. POST is NOT secure, but it DOES have a few security advantages to GET
  • GET requests remain in the browser history, CAN be cached and can be bookmarked.
  • POST requests are NOT retained the browser history, nor are they cacheable or bookmarkable.

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