Coding 101

Jul 17th 2014

Coding 101 26

Perl: Reading GET Form Actions

We're talking about Perl GET Forms!
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Category: Help & How To

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Ivory Tower

Let's talk about Forms in HTML! HTML has two differeny ways to "submit" data that has been entered by a user into a form.

  • "GET" and "POST" Today, we're going to talk about "GET"
  • GET is the simpler of the two methods
    • All it does is take whatever data the user entered into the form, and append it to the end of the "action" address


<FORM METHOD=GET ACTION="../cgi-bin/">

Name?: <INPUT NAME="BunnyName"><br>



  • If we type "Roger" into the "Name?:" field, the URL that will be generated when we click "SUBMIT" is: "../cgi-bin/"
    • Your browser will then request the server to run the script "" and pass it the string "BunnyName=Roger"

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