Ask The Tech Guys - Leo Laporte & Mikah Sargent

Sep 17th 2023

Ask The Tech Guys 1992

Gradually, Then Suddenly

New iPhones, NASA's UFO Report, Linux

Records Sunday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.
Guests: Rod Pyle
Category: Help & How To

The Justice Department is taking Google to court over whether Google has illegally maintained a monopoly in online search. Apple announced new iPhones this past week: should you upgrade to the iPhone 15 / 15 Pro? Plus, Rod Pyle stops by the show to talk about NASA's UFO report that came out.

  • U.S. blasts Google over paying $10 billion a year to cut out search rivals.
  • The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro were announced at Apple's event this past Tuesday.
  • How do I transfer the data from my old iPhone to my new one?
  • Rod Pyle and NASA's UFO Report.
  • A caller wonders why people don't acknowledge that Apple helped invent USB-C when Apple officially switched from lightning to USB-C with their latest iPhones.
  • What's better to upgrade to from an older iPhone: the iPhone 14 or iPhone 15? Mikah shares his thoughts on what to consider when making that decision.
  • Is there a good widget to install on my Windows machine to watch stock prices?
  • Why is my Pixel 6 not staying connected to my WiFi network?
  • A recommendation for having your headphones & speakers operate simultaneously.
  • Why did all my files get converted to a .rar file after cloning my hard drive?

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