Ask The Tech Guys - Leo Laporte & Mikah Sargent

Jul 23rd 2022

Ask The Tech Guys 1912

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Hosted by Mikah Sargent

Tech Therapy, Syncing Apple Music, Converting Casette Tapes to Digital Audio

Records Sunday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 19:00 UTC.
Category: Help & How To

Fixing a loose Lightning Connector in an iPhone, converting cassette tapes to digital audio files, publishing music videos online, researching OLED and Quantum Dot technology, understanding upgrade hesitancy, finding a better green screen solution, getting the best sound from TiVo and Sonos, finding a replacement remote for the Roku TV, troubleshooting missed texts on iPhone, advice for buying a Mac Mini, transferring email systems from Windows to macOS, sharing files and texts on Zoom using Zoom's mobile app, finding an Android app that tracks new movie and TV show releases, regaining access to a breached Square account. Plus, conversations with Scott Wilkinson, Johnny Jet, and Dick Debartolo.

  • iPhone 11 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide
  • Use iTunes to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod with your computer – Apple Support (UK)
  • Scott Wilkinson interviews Peter Palomaki of Palomaki Consulting on tearing down TVs
  • Listening to vinyl with a phono preamp and a Bluetooth amplifier
  • Microsoft to offer paid Windows 7 Extended Security Updates
  • Cassette to Digital Converter
  • Stream and listen to music online for free with SoundCloud
  • ATEM Mini | Blackmagic Design
  • Playbar: Wireless Soundbar (Refurbished) | Sonos
  • Replacement Roku remotes
  • What should I do if I’m having problems with iMessage? - TracFone Wireless
  • Type-C Aluminum Stand for Mac Mini - Hub/Docking Station - Satechi
  • Moving Thunderbird Data to a New Computer | Thunderbird Help
  • Mac mini M2: release date, specs, and rumours | Macworld
  • Using file sharing integrations – Zoom Support
  • Taste: Movie & TV Suggestions - Apps on Google Play
  • TV Time - Track Shows & Movies - Apps on Google Play
  • Contact Us | Square Support Center - US
  • The GizWiz: The Uncanny Brands Star Wars Darth Vader Halo Toaster

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