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Mar 28th 2023

All About Android 623

Tiny Phones and Share Sheets

Co-Hosted by JR Raphael

Samsung Galaxy S23 review, Pebble coming back? YouTube Tips

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy over a decade of Android in our archives.
Category: News

Nope, OnePlus and Oppo aren't leaving Europe.
Messaging is no longer Android's mess; it's an iPhone problem: Talking RCS with Hiroshi Lockheimer.
Android 14 Share Sheet improvements
Florence Ion reviews the Samsung Galaxy S23
Pebble might be coming back as a small Android phone
Vivo tipped to launch a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 style foldable
LG V60 users get surprise Android 13 update in the US
Google app getting comically large search bar on Android
WhatsApp's incoming group call feature may take cues from Twitter
Get MLB for free from T-Mobile
JR's tip of the week: Do you want YouTube on Android tips? You got 'em!
Why haven't I received the March 2023 security update on my Pixel 6a yet?
A viewer wants to see more coverage of budget phones
What does BARD stand for? Ask BARD!

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