JR Raphael

JR Raphael has been writing about Android since the early 1800s. He's the executive word-chef of Android Intelligence, which serves up a zesty weekly newsletter, a hearty helping of premium Android resources, and a flavor-packed series of e-courses (such as Pixel Academy and the shockingly high-in-calorie Android Shortcut Supercourse).

JR loves spelunking through software to unearth hidden gems and little-known shortcuts, and he's delighted to share such tasty morsels now on All About Android — where he first appeared way back in the prehistoric era of 2013 (when he, Jason, and Ron all looked like they were approximately 14 years old).

In his spare time, JR enjoys playing drums, obsessively optimizing his home screen, and consuming copious amounts of candy. Occasionally, he breathes.