All About Android

Jan 31st 2023

All About Android 615

Flipping OnePlus

Co-Hosted by JR Raphael

Smartphone decline, Nothing Phone (2), OnePlus Pad, Artifact, MusicLM, Andi

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy over a decade of Android in our archives.
Category: News
  • Smartphone Shipments Suffer the Largest-Ever Decline with 18.3% Drop in the Holiday Quarter and an 11.3% Decline in 2022, According to IDC Tracker.
  • Q4 2022 was a disaster for smartphone sales, sees the largest-ever drop.
  • Android Users Can Finally Use Alternate Search and Payment Methods... but Only in India.
  • Google’s MusicLM is rather good at creating music from text descriptions.
  • MusicLM: Generating Music From Text.
  • Get your first look at the OnePlus Pad, OnePlus’ first tablet.
  • OnePlus Could Be the Next Android Brand with Folding Smartphones.
  • New leaked specs suggest ‘Pixel Tablet Pro’ might not be a thing after all.
  • Instagram's co-founders are mounting a comeback: Artifact.
  • Artifact: A personalized news feed driven by artificial intelligence.
  • MARVEL SNAP Introduces Battle Mode As a New Feature In Game.
  • JR's tip of the week: Andi smart search assistant.
  • This smart new search site is like a mashup of Google and ChatGPT.
  • Just the Recipe.
  • How can I stop my phone from butt-dialing?
  • Are there any good gimbals for Android?
  • A multi-device approach to authenticators.

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