All About Android

Nov 1st 2022

All About Android 602

From Lemongrass to Lemon

Co-Hosted by JR Raphael
Android Dev Summit roundup, Google G1 prototype, Pixel Watch feedback
Records live every Tuesday at 8:00pm Eastern / 5:00pm Pacific / 00:00 (Wed) UTC.
Category: News
  • Jetpack Compose debuts new Material Design 3 controls and expands to Android TV
  • Relay: Figma to Compose handoff
  • Google prototyped iris scanning during the Pixel 2 era
  • Pre-iPhone Google G1 renders reveal a lot of green and more physical buttons
  • Google Hangouts shuts down for good today, as web app closes up shop
  • Feedback extravaganza!!!
  • Chrome tabs record.
  • Why I'm returning the Pixel 7.
  • A solution for Ron's headphone woes.
  • Assistant tip: Read it!
  • Ways to improve battery life on the Pixel Watch.
  • How to manage podcasts on Wearcasts easier.
  • Just get a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro!
  • Or get an Amazfit T-Rex Pro.
  • JR's tip of the week: Pixel Minimal Watch Face.
  • Smartwatches are better than fitness wearables because...
  • Podcast support on the Pixel Watch.
  • Pixel Watch is an upgrade from the Fitbit Sense.

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