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Sep 13th 2022

All About Android 595

Google's Notification Oasis

Co-Hosted by JR Raphael

Tim Cook shade, RIP Pixelbook, Android feature drop, Pixel Tablet Pro

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy over a decade of Android in our archives.
Category: News
  • Tim Cook dashes hopes for RCS support to arrive on iPhones.
  • @lockheimer: It's clear why Apple is opposing interoperability. But people should be able to send high quality videos and photos to their mom without having to buy her a new phone.
  • @SamsungMobileUS: A brief summary of our reactions to the “innovative” new devices announced on Wednesday.
  • @vvaiibhav: Dynamic Island Style Notifications / Now Playing on Xiaomi MIUI. Mi Theme Developers never disappoint.
  • September’s Android Feature Drop is Here and There’s a Lot to See.
  • @MishaalRahman: Here's a thread for my findings/thoughts on Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1.
  • Updates to Emoji: New Characters, New Animation, New Color Customization, and More!
  • The hub for everything animated emoji!
  • Google puts 1GB RAM phones out of their misery with new GMS requirements.
  • Google is working on ‘clear calling’ for Android phone calls.
  • Google may be working on a second, ‘Pro’ Pixel tablet for next year.
  • Upcoming Pixel tablet and dock appear in new Android 13 animations.
  • ‘Chromecast HD’ will apparently ship with Google TV 12, downgraded CPU, 1.5GB RAM.
  • Google canceled its next Pixelbook and shut down the team building it / Google is getting out of the laptop game.
  • JR's tip of the week: Priority contact notifications!
  • Check out the Yolobox running Android.
  • My Pixels have been rock solid!

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