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Sep 6th 2022

All About Android 594

User Choice 5G

Co-Hosted by Mishaal Rahman, JR Raphael

Pixel hardware event, satellite connectivity in Android 14, Twitter edit, Stack review

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy over a decade of Android in our archives.
Category: News
  • Google announces October 6 hardware event for Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch.
  • Google confirms Pixel 7 series will run on new ‘Tensor G2’ chip.
  • Pixel 7 series and Pixel 7a may bring ‘higher quality’ Bluetooth LE Audio support.
  • Google’s Pixel 7 Pro gets a very quick unboxing as the launch approaches.
  • With Pixel 7, Google starts moving flagship production out of China as it ‘explores’ 2023 foldable.
  • Google Pixel Watch: Specs, price, Wear OS 3, and everything we know so far.
  • The Pixel Tablet could feature Google’s first-gen Tensor SoC, but it might lack cellular connectivity.
  • @DSCCRoss: 4 months till the foldable Pixel smartphone starts panel production. Are you excited? I am assuming it will launch in March.
  • Google launches third-party Play Store billing pilot—but only cuts fees by 4%.
  • @MishaalRahman: Starting today, developers of non-gaming apps can enroll in the user choice billing pilot.
  • Android 14 will support satellite connectivity and partners.
  • @lockheimer: Wild to think about user experiences for phones that can connect to satellites. When we launched G1 in '08 it was a stretch to get 3G + Wifi working. Now we're designing for satellites.
  • Watch Material You and Android UIs interpreted ‘in more physical ways’.
  • Google Play restores the app permissions list.
  • Digital Wellbeing and Google Clock prep cough & snore detection.
  • Mishaal on Reddit: This isn't explored in the linked article, but if you want to know how this'll work, it'll (likely) be using Android 13's new Ambient Context API...
  • Twitter’s edit button is a big test for the platform’s future.
  • JR's tip of the week: Stack.
  • How to save battery on the Pixel 6a.
  • My battery is great on the Pixel 6a.
  • Pixel hardware has a pattern of issues.

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