All About Android

Aug 16th 2022

All About Android 591

Developing For the Solana Saga

Co-Hosted by JR Raphael

Android 13 is out, Pixel Buds Pro review,, RCS feedback

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy over a decade of Android in our archives.
Guests: Andrew Watson
Category: News
  • Interview with Andrew Watson, Senior Android Developer, Solana Labs.
  • Topics include how Blockchain benefits the smartphone, challenges for developers, APIs for the smartphone.
  • Paradise at the Crypto Arcade: Inside the Web3 Revolution.
  • Android 13 arrives for Pixel phones starting today.
  • 50 features in Android 13 you should know about.
  • Pixel 6 owners who upgrade to Android 13 can never go back.
  • Android 12 is running on 13.3% of all devices ahead of Android 13 launch.
  • How Google is backporting Android 13’s Photo Picker.
  • Review of the Pixel Buds Pro.
  • Everything Samsung Announced at Galaxy Unpacked.
  • Samsung’s first foldable tablet might be coming in just six months.
  • JR's tip of the week: Magic Eraser for all!
  • Magic Eraser - The Web App!
  • RCS perspective from the Philippines.
  • Apple has no incentive to support RCS.
  • RCS doesn't work all the time.

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