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Aug 9th 2022

All About Android 590

Google Talks RCS and Apple

Co-Hosted by Mishaal Rahman, JR Raphael

Jan Jedrzejowicz interview, OnePlus 10T review, CameraX standards

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy over a decade of Android in our archives.
Guests: Jan Jedrzejowicz
Category: News
  • Interview with Jan Jedrzejowicz, Head of Product Management for Messages at Google
  • Topics include the Get the Message campaign, what Apple stands to gain from supporting RCS, whether an RCS API is in the pipeline, and the struggles of spam in RCS.
  • @MishaalRahman: Google is working to bring Game Dashboard out of SystemUIGoogle and into Google Play Services. This is likely to make the feature available to non-Pixel devices, though I can't confirm that yet.
  • @MishaalRahman: Samsung is working with Google to add stylus handwriting-to-text support in Chrome for Android and Android WebViews.
  • Samsung is doing a better job than Google at supporting Google's own camera standards.
  • Jason reviews the OnePlus 10T.
  • What to expect from Samsung's August 10th Unpacked event.
  • JR Raphael shares some capitalization tips for Gboard.
  • What's your preference between stock Android or Samsung's One UI?
  • Wireless charging is table-stakes, so where is it?
  • Are screen protectors necessary anymore?
  • Chargie helps batteries last longer!

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