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Apr 26th 2022

All About Android 575

There's Gotta Be a Better Way

Android 13 Beta 1, Upside Down Cake, Pixel Watch AMA, Google Wallet

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Guests: Daniel Bader
Category: News
  • Android 13 Beta 1 is available for Pixel phones and you can download it now.
  • Google just made it easier to try Android 13 on your non-Pixel phone.
  • Android 13 fixes one of the worst things about controlling your smart home.
  • Android 13 Beta 1 just quadrupled its Material You theme options.
  • Android 13's squiggly media player dances to the music with you.
  • Android 13 Beta 1 adds a handy clipboard overlay that lets you edit what you copy.
  • Dockable Nest Hub rumors pick up speed with new Android 13 Beta 1 evidence.
  • PSA: You don’t have to wipe your Android 12 QPR3 Pixel to install the Android 13 Beta.
  • Android 14 gets an official internal codename… Upside Down Cake.
  • Desserts that start with the letter U.
  • Google Pixel Watch: Exclusive leaked images seem to show Google's first smartwatch.
  • Google Pixel Watch leaker follows up with even more details.
  • Leaked Pixel Watch AMA reveals approximate size, screen bezel, and more details.
  • Sources: Pixel 6 Pro was supposed to launch with face unlock.
  • Samsung teases us with Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch4 in its latest video.
  • More signs of Google Wallet's impending launch appear online.
  • The Play Store's new Data Safety section is finally here to show the apps that may be invading your privacy.
  • Introducing the new Data safety section in Play Console.
  • Google Play makes a bizarre decision to ban call-recording apps.
  • Password security that prevents pasting into fields.
  • USB-C port plugs on Amazon.
  • Assistant completed my restaurant reservation!

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