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Feb 16th 2021

All About Android 512

Much Ado About Essentially Nothing

Android Automotive explained, Material NEXT, Facebook Watch
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Guests: Sam Abuelsamid
Category: News
  • Sam Abuelsamid breaks down the common misconceptions of Android Auto and Android Automotive
  • Google Ventures invested in Nothing which then bought Essential for some reason
  • A Facebook Watch running Android is in the works
  • LastPass announced major changes to its free tier and people are angry about it
  • Xiaomi's next big phone leaks and it has a ginormous camera bump
  • Fuchsia OS might be able to run Linux and Android apps natively... someday
  • A real world example of the impact of Android 11's Scoped Storage
  • An emailer shares the awesomeness that is Pi Hole
  • A years-long mystery of the show is finally solved thanks to a photo sent in by a fan

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