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Feb 9th 2021

All About Android 511

Don't Go Chasing Waterfall Displays

Android 12 UI refresh, Clubhouse confusion, Metalenz
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Category: News
  • Android 12 is getting a significant UI update including a theming engine.
  • Xiaomi's concept phone has a quad-curved waterfall display that makes Ron smile.
  • Metalenz announced new camera tech that could change smartphone photography.
  • Google Fit turns your phone into a heart-rate monitor with no extra hardware.
  • People mistake Clubhouse for a different app and review-bomb it on the Play Store.
  • Android TV is getting most of the visual updates that came to Google TV already.
  • Chromecast with Google TV gets a fix for an error that shows the bootloader screen.
  • Google is deleting your Play Music Library this month, like it or not.
  • Why touchscreens are not ideal for cars.
  • How to mute the voice in Android Auto during navigation.
  • In-game ads for other games are annoying, don't you think?

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