A Chilling Tale of the Near-Catastrophic Linux Backdoor

Chilling Linux backdoor near-miss revealed on the Security Now podcast. A must-read!

TWiG 763 Transcript

Tech News Weekly Adds New Hosts, New Perspectives

Tech News Weekly has undergone an exciting transformation! The mid-week tech show, hosted by Mikah Sargent, now features four recurring co-hosts throughout the month: Abrar Al-Heeti of CNET, Amanda Silberling of TechCrunch, Jennifer Pattison Tuohy of The Verge, and Emily Dreibelbis of PCMag.

TWiT Newsletter Apr 8 2024

TWiT's Live Audience Returns! Plus, Essential Eclipse Tips Inside!

TWiG 762 Transcript

Appleā€™s Foray Into Immersive Video Sports Content Marred By Missed Opportunities

Apple's Foray Into Immersive AR Sports Content.

Inside the GoFetch Flaw: Understanding the DMP Vulnerability in Apple Silicon

Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte Tackle the GoFetch Flaw on Security Now. Read More...

Beyond Google Podcasts: Navigating the Post-Google Podcasts Era!

TWiT Podcasts Continue to Illuminate Your Tech World Post-Google Podcasts. Stay Connected with Leading Tech Discussions, Innovative Gadgets, and Insightful Commentary on Your Favorite Platforms. Read More...

Gear Up for a Refreshing Club TWiT Experience!

Join us, spread the tech love, and let's shape the future of tech podcasting together! Read More...

Gmail's 20th Anniversary: Revisiting the Birth of a Web App Icon

Tech Geeks Unpack Gmail's Impact and Enduring Legacy.

TWiT Newsletter Apr 1 2024

EU's New Regulations Impacting Apple, Meta, and Alphabet