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Leo Laporte (00:00:02):
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Thanks for listening to this show. As an ad supported network, we are always looking for new partners with products and services that will benefit our qualified audience. Are you ready to grow your business? Reach out to and launch your campaign now. Well, hey, hey, hey. How are you today? Leo Laport here, the tech guy, time to talk computers, the internet, home theater, digital photography, smartphone, smart watches, augmented reality, virtual reality, real reality, self-driving cars, unless it gets longer every <laugh> every day the demise of Twitter <laugh> and on and on and on. Eighty eight, eighty eight, ask Leo. That's my phone number if you wanna talk about anything in the technology sphere. 8 8 8 8 2 7 5 5 3 6. That's told for from anywhere in the US or Canada. We do get calls from all over the world. And the way you would call outside the north American region would be to just use Skype out or something that can dial a phone number from an internet thing thingy doodle. And then it should be free because magic eighty eight eighty eight, ask Leo iPhone production being hit this week.

Foxcon, which is the big company in China that makes I think all the iPhones except for in India, Brazil, and Apple is trying to diversify. I think they're looking at building them in, in Vietnam. And Foxcon has promised to build plants in the us but right now, if you have an iPhone, chances are like 99.9% is made in China at the Foxcon plant, except between the Covid shutdowns. And now people quitting. There's a problem. Foxcon apparently had a because they were so desperate, had a a $1,400 hiring bonus, which is a lot when you're making whatever it is, $10 a day. It's a, it's a good deal as a res, but, but failed to pay it. So between that and worry about Covid 19, according to the news, where did I get this story? I don't know. More than 20,000 Foxcon new hires are walked away. They said, well, you're not giving us the money. We're not giving you the work. So they've walked away.

 There's a plant in J Jo China. It's, it's colloquially known as iPhone City. That's where they're made. And there was a Covid 19 break outbreak there and a couple weeks ago and pretty soon they had a lockdown. You know, employees closed the canteens. You know, you go from your bed cuz they all sleep on campus, right? They, they have dorms for the workers. So you go from your bed to the line and back. That's gotta be awful. Doesn't, can you imagine? Nevertheless COVID was spreading and then there wasn't enough food. There wasn't enough medication. People, workers broke out of the plant. The fact that they had to is sad, but they broke outta the plant and went home.

Anyway, it's it's gonna be a little bit of a problem. It's gonna be a little bit of a problem for, you know, what do we, how do we care? Well, we care cuz they're about 30% of the production's gonna be lost. And so Apple's gonna have, isn't this sad? You know, <laugh>, all these poor suffering workers, you know, just really getting mistreated. But the real news is, well, your iPhone's gonna be delayed. Oh, yo Yui, oh no, <laugh>, my iPhone's gonna be delayed. Yeah. Elon Musk still in the news. He bought Twitter, 44 billion. He's got a billion dollar a year interest payment alone. There's no way he can make that kind of money. No one understands what's going on. Let, especially the banks and others who lent him billions, billions upon billions. So he could make this acquisition. I wonder, I I suspect he might have to.

Well, he's gotta still got a lot of money. Elon has lost. I mean, he's, he's, he's not, is he still the richest man in the world? He was. He was so rich he could afford to lose this year, a hundred billion dollars in value and worth. He went from 1 92 to 92. Oh, only $92 billion. Oh my gosh. How do you live? Maybe you won't be able to launch rock cars into space. I don't know what, it's terrible. A hundred billion he lost. And I feel like the losing is just beginning. I'm not, I'm not rooting for him to lose. I'm not, I'm not rooting against him. But it is kind of a slow motion train wreck. Now, he's announced, and this scares the heck outta me. He remember Elon didn't wanna buy Twitter because of bots. Apparently doesn't care anymore. So he had a poll. Anybody could vote, including the bots. <Laugh>

In a poll. Should I reinstate the previously banned Twitter accounts? Now I gotta explain that people were banned on Twitter, were banned for all kinds of, really, in many cases. Ter you know, horrific tweets, awful things. Not just misinformation. I mean, I guess you could say, well, misinformation, I guess. You know, we could, we could, if you're getting your information from Twitter, you're getting what you deserve anyway. So maybe that, but, but, you know, bring them back. But that some of these people are banned for good reason. Just the worst harassment. So he had a poll. He said, should Twitter offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts? Provided they've not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam? 72% of the respondents voted yes. How many bots? We don't know.

Probably a lot. So now he's declared Amnesty begins next week. So stay tuned. Should be interesting. Users were banned for violent threats, harassment, misinformation, and they're all coming back <laugh>. Oh, that's good. I'm so happy <laugh>. I, by the way, I've always had kind of misgivings about Twitter. Most, most of you don't use Twitter. I know. It's, it's, it gets a lot of attention cuz the press uses it, right? We in the media use it. And it's useful for, you know, as like a news service almost. But boy, it's just, you know, I've been talking for a long time about the FCC and banning robocall and how they've slow walked this. And it's really, you know, it's really been kind of disappointing that they haven't put the effort into making this work. Well, the deadline, you know, for the, for robo calling outside the country from companies that don't have a facility. In other words, they don't have a building. And now, yes, the FCC is finally acting. They've cut off a company called Global uc. Global uc.

So according to the fcc, your phone company, whether it's T-Mobile or a at and t or Verizon or any of the resellers, US cellular any of the mps, they have to no longer allow inbound calls from global uc. The FCC said last month that planned to cutoff Global and six other firms that didn't share their anti robo call strategies. <Laugh>, what's your strategy? Despite warnings, commission required that all US based carriers with IP based networks use this stir and shake this James Bond kind of anti spoofing measure. By the end of June of last year, they told providers to start blocking companies after September 28th of last year, once they were not in the robocall mitigation database. Could they make this any more confusing? Anyway, uc, global, no longer in the mitigation database, which means I think a hope a cut in mobile calls.

You tell me if the robocall are gone or disappear, we shall see, right? Will this work? We've been talking about this a lot. I hope it does. And finally we, we'll talk about this tomorrow with the Rod Piler space guy. But you know that Artemis launched the, the Orion capsule, beautiful pictures of the moon. And now if you want, because there is an Amazon Echo up there and an iPad <laugh>, because those companies gave 'em lots of money. I can't imagine astronauts really need the echo. But anyway, it's up there and the company that put it up there, Lockheed Martin is now gonna give you the chance to send a message to display on the iPad. They'll take a picture of it and send it back to you. Your message in space. <Laugh> Calisto, the Calisto Tech demo. <Laugh> <laugh>,

There's nobody on this capsule. You know, there's a Snoopy floating around. That's about it. So Lockheed Martin along with Amazon and the Echo, and apparently Cisco WebEx, you gotta think there's some money in there. Go. Just some flowing into the nasa. That's okay. If that's what it took to, to pay for this trip. Okay, so you can go to, I'll put the website in the show notes. They don't make it very easy to find. It's lockheed I'll just put it in the show notes. Or you could probably, you could probably do a Google search for communicate with Calisto. But you could type a message and your name and your email address and your mis message will be shown on the Calisto screen during the mission for the world to see. But don't, they're not, it's not Elon Musk here. You <laugh>. They get to approve the messages and they don't want brand advertising.

Upon submission, your message will be reviewed and selected for display at the sole discretion of Lockheed Martin. Messages with derogatory, defamatory, racists, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate content will automatically be rejected. Messages that include any copyright materials or endorse any person's products, brands, et cetera, will also be automatically rejected. So don't send, you know, happy birthday mom. Or could you? Maybe you could. I don't try it. I'll put a link in the show notes. 88 88. Ask Leo. You know what? It might be easier just to call the tech guy and say, happy birthday, mom. How about that? Our, our, our phones are open. Kim's taking the calls. We'll put you on the air coming up next ads in space. Adrian? Yes. Just like Twitter, Macedon dms are not encrypted. So they're not private. In theory. I could read 'em. I, I don't know how I could, I can't actually. But the guy who runs a server, I guess could, but it's just like Twitter. It's exactly like Twitter. Never send, I shouldn't have to tell you. Adrian <laugh> do not send private messages over social networks of any kind. Same thing with Facebook. Happy Thanksgiving. Roberto. No, I haven't seen the video yet, but I'll check.

I know what's, I mean, I don't know for sure what Scott will say, but I would say, Russ, take a look at the LAC debut 2.0 E L A C speakers. I have a pair of those are wonderful. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Oh, 80, 88.


Leo. Who's this Leo babe that I'm calling <laugh> Kim Shaffer phone Angel. Hi Kim.

Kim Schaffer (00:14:36):
Hi. How you doing?

Leo Laporte (00:14:38):
I am well. Did you go out with all your millennial friends to I did not black out Wednesday.

Kim Schaffer (00:14:43):
I stayed my but side and stayed safe. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:14:46):
<Laugh>, we're just talking about black. I never heard of that.

Kim Schaffer (00:14:49):
Never fun. When you see the, the Petaluma DUI list from Wednesday night and see somebody, you know. Did

Leo Laporte (00:14:54):
You? Yeah, I looked, you know, I looked with trepidation.

Kim Schaffer (00:14:58):
I knew one of the nine people and my brother's fiance's son knew one of the under

Leo Laporte (00:15:02):
Martin people. I looked with great trepidation cuz my son is in town for, was in town for Thanksgiving. This is something millennials apparently do the night before Thanksgiving. They reconnect with their high school buddies. They all go out and drink. The name Blackout Wednesday tells you something.

Kim Schaffer (00:15:17):
Yeah, but you know what? The bars love it cuz they make a lot of money. I actually got kicked out of a bar with a bunch of older folks because they wanted to make room for the young people. You're kidding? Yeah. This was so funny.

Leo Laporte (00:15:28):
So everybody out, if you're under, if you're under 40, get outta here.

Kim Schaffer (00:15:31):
There was a big group of, you know, 20 people. They must have dropped 500 or more dollars. Yeah. And they were like you gotta go cuz we gotta get ready for all the college students. I'm like, okay. So you want vomit all over the

Leo Laporte (00:15:43):
Place. It's disgusting. Apparently though there were long lines out, all the bars.

Kim Schaffer (00:15:47):
Oh yeah, I read that article. It's crazy. Nope. I stayed in the, in the house

Leo Laporte (00:15:51):
And then it was followed by Black Friday. Blackout one where all the older folks get in line at Target and beat each other up. It's great. This is really the Thanksgiving.

Kim Schaffer (00:16:00):
Does that anymore

Leo Laporte (00:16:00):

Kim Schaffer (00:16:01):
Buy stuff online

Leo Laporte (00:16:02):
Now. It's such a, it used to be this great, you'd get together with family and friends and it's warm and it's cozy and it's holiday and now we're just all fist in our way to the future. It's sad. Micah is not here today. He is taking the weekend off cuz it's Thanksgiving. As will Mr. Guy who's gonna take my place. <Laugh>, what's his name again? Rich. Rich. Tomorrow. I forgot. He's gonna take the week off also cuz it's Thanksgiving. They're with their families. They're fist fighting with their uncles and aunts and they gotta do that instead. <Laugh>. So it's just you and me today.

Kim Schaffer (00:16:39):
Yeah, that's fine. My, my Thanksgiving was put on hold due to illness anyway,

Leo Laporte (00:16:43):
So. Oh no. Yeah, that's one of the problems. I think a lot of people,

Kim Schaffer (00:16:45):
I sat in ho at home with the frozen lasagna. Oh. And watched Chris, the, the cheesy Christmas movies that were filmed down the road here. They're both on HBO Max right now. The ones we watched filming in Yeah. In June

Leo Laporte (00:16:57):
And July. It was weird cuz our, our local library, which is now a museum and not a library, had like Christmas stuff all over it

Kim Schaffer (00:17:04):
For even after they left, they left those posters in there for months. So funny. It was pretty funny. So funny. Cheesy

Leo Laporte (00:17:09):
Movies. Anyway, you and I, no fist fighting. This is it's Thanksgiving.

Kim Schaffer (00:17:16):
I hair pull

Leo Laporte (00:17:17):
<Laugh>. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with Lisa's family. It was quiet. I had Nice the night before dinner with the family with my kids. And it was just very nice. It was really good. Very quiet. Nobody got in a fight. Good. You know why?

Kim Schaffer (00:17:31):
Because you're

Leo Laporte (00:17:32):
Adults. No. Cuz politics are banned.

Kim Schaffer (00:17:35):
Oh, well yeah. That, that could be a problem in your

Leo Laporte (00:17:38):
<Laugh>. Yeah. Politics are banned. Who should I talk to? Who should I start the show with?

Kim Schaffer (00:17:42):
<Laugh>. Let's go to Rick and Torrance. Let's do it. Question about password managers.

Leo Laporte (00:17:46):
Oh good. I like to talk about that. That's an important thing. Thank you Kim. Sheer phone. Angel. And hello, Rick and Torrance. Hi

Caller 1 (00:17:55):
The tech guy. Hey Leo, how are

Leo Laporte (00:17:56):
You? I am well. How are you?

Caller 1 (00:17:59):
I'm doing pretty good. Just a little bit mixed up on what I wanna do and the support I'm getting from one password is just texting or not texting, emailing back and forth. And it's almost like we're not getting each other's ideas correct. So I thought I'd ask you some information.

Leo Laporte (00:18:19):
Tell me I'm the great communicator, maybe I can help.

Caller 1 (00:18:22):
That's right. You are <laugh>. I I got one password. I did the 14 day free trial. Good. So I could check it out. Good. And I did cancel before the 14 days was up because it didn't seem like I was getting it worked out. Right. One of the problems is that I had already been using Google Chrome and their password manager. So you know, the two were not.

Leo Laporte (00:18:49):

Caller 1 (00:18:50):
I'm asking correctly.

Leo Laporte (00:18:50):
So let me address that first before your next point. So first of all, password manager, everybody should have period because mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, most of us are trying to remember our passwords, which means we're using passwords that are easily memorable, which means we're reusing them on multiple sites. And that's a recipe for disaster. I'll explain why later. But you gotta use a password manager. Let it generate strong passwords. Now if you've been using your browser as a password manager, that's fine. It's a little limited cuz it's only when you're using Chrome. Right. But that's fine. Correct. When you launch one password or any new password manager, one of the things you can do is import all your passwords from Chrome so that they're part of one password or your password manager. And then I would suggest deleting them from Chrome. And usually the password manager, I, I haven't used one password in a while, but usually the password manager will give you that option saying, okay, I can copy these and delete 'em from Chrome.

Do that because A, it's more, it is more secure than Chrome. But, but b, because it's more flexible than Chrome. Now you can use other browsers, you can use other machines, you can, you know, I mean there's, there's better variety better choices. And of course a real password manager has lots of other things it can do. Generating passwords, changing passwords, check to see if passwords have been compromised. I use a password manager to store important documents, social Security, driver's license, passport, all of those are secure in that encrypted vault. So there are a lot of other things you can do. So you're, I think you're on the right track. Get those, get those Chrome passwords imported. What else was, I only have 30 seconds, but what else was going on?

Caller 1 (00:20:25):
Just curious. I dunno if either one is your sponsor now is

Leo Laporte (00:20:29):
Bit Warden is my Bit Warden is our sponsor. Last pass was for a long time. I all three are great. I I don't, you know, choose the one that fits your, you know, aesthetic. I like Bit Warden cuz it's open source. To me that's very important. But all three are great. Just main thing. Use a password manager. Leo Laporte, the tech guy. Yeah. Any, what else was going on? Maybe I can Oh, he's gone. Yeah. Last pass. Bit Warden. One Pass Pass. There's a lot of them. Anything is better than nothing. They're all pretty much the same.

And there's a link to importing Chrome as I remember when you install, I might be confusing. I've tried 'em all, but I seem to remember it would as when you launch one password the first time it says, ah, I see you have passwords in Safari or Chrome or Firefox. Let's, let's import those. And there is after the fact. Oh. Oh, that's kind of lame. You have to export it and then import it. So, so, but that's a good, so we have this article, but it requires it manual process. Hmm. I know last I remember Last Pass would say, oh, I see you have these browsers. Do you want me to get your passwords out of 'em? You should, you should export your data from Chrome. Import your data into one password, turn off the builder password manager in Chrome. Delete your passwords from Chrome. Chrome. You know, Chrome's gotten better with handling the passwords for a while. In fact, until recently, Chrome did not encrypt the passwords. And Google's response when people said, what the heck is, well, if somebody's already on your computer, silly to, you know, make any more security. I think they learned their lesson. So now Chrome does encrypt the passwords, but I, I prefer to have it in a standalone password manager personally. Hello, Scott Wilkinson.

Scott Wilkinson (00:22:39):
Hello Loyola Port.

Leo Laporte (00:22:40):
How are you my friend?

Scott Wilkinson (00:22:42):
I'm good. Good. Seated with Turkey.

Leo Laporte (00:22:45):
Oh, good.

Scott Wilkinson (00:22:46):

Leo Laporte (00:22:47):
Oh good.

Scott Wilkinson (00:22:48):
We had a wonderful time here with our, with our good friends. We had not a big one. Seven adults and one five month old.

Leo Laporte (00:22:57):
Oh, wow.

Scott Wilkinson (00:22:59):

Leo Laporte (00:23:00):
So you agree that the Alac debut two is a good choice

Scott Wilkinson (00:23:05):
Ab Absolutely. However, you also need an amplifier with that one.

Leo Laporte (00:23:09):
Oh yeah. They're not standalone powered

Scott Wilkinson (00:23:11):
Speakers. They're speaker speakers. Yeah, I, I wrote a response in the, in the chat room that if you want powered speakers, which I generally want Wait

Leo Laporte (00:23:20):
Minute, let me guess. Audio engine.

Scott Wilkinson (00:23:22):
That's one of 'em.

Leo Laporte (00:23:23):
Yep. Yeah. Love Audio Engines. I have those on my on my computer in my office.

Scott Wilkinson (00:23:27):
Yep. Exactly. If you wanna save some more money. I'm surprisingly fond of Canadian company called Flu.

Leo Laporte (00:23:37):
They're supposed to be very good.

Scott Wilkinson (00:23:39):
They're very good. And they're, they're, I mean, the Fluence a I 60 I believe is the model number. 240 bucks. Wow. For six and a half inch wooer and a tweeter. I've got the previous generation, the AI 60, and they sound great.

Leo Laporte (00:23:59):
So I bought, cuz they were on sale some sort of Black Friday thing and I don't know mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, but the Edifier <laugh>.

Scott Wilkinson (00:24:08):
Oh, I've, I've not heard any of their speakers. I've heard their headphones and I was not that impressed

Leo Laporte (00:24:13):
With their headphones. These were $300 a pair, but they, they were Bluetooth five with Apex. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> Optical in they did I think they did Apple airplay. They were like the, you know, very capable and they look really nice. But yeah, if you, if the sound isn't good, then that's a

Scott Wilkinson (00:24:31):
Yeah. Have you, have you listened to 'em? No.

Leo Laporte (00:24:33):
Oh, I got 'em for Lisa cuz she needed speakers. They're 279 a pair. So Get the flu on. Yeah. Get the flu on. She needed speakers in her in her office. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and I was just kind of an impulse purchase. But they have a, a good they have an amp and a DSP built in. Yeah, yeah, exactly. You know, they were very flexible. Let's put And they look like they're really good speakers. <Laugh>.

Scott Wilkinson (00:24:56):
Well, you know, they might be. I I haven't heard 'em, so I can't

Leo Laporte (00:24:59):
Say. Yeah. I'll tell you when I, when I plug 'em in. I don't know what that means. <Laugh>, you wanna jump outta your trick bag and eases on into your hip bag? Well, you are gonna do it. The best way to do it is do it with this guy right here. Mr. Scott Wilkinson. Come on outta your hip bag, Scott. And say hello to the people. Hello everyone.

Scott Wilkinson (00:25:19):
Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Leo Laporte (00:25:21):
Scott is our home theater geek. He does a wonderful show on the YouTube called for AVS Forum, it's forum.

Scott Wilkinson (00:25:33):
AVS Forum Tech

Leo Laporte (00:25:34):
Talkt talk. Tick tick. And he joins us every week. Talk about home theater. That's flat screen TVs surround sound, that kind of thing. Yep. Did you did you, have you been watching the 4K soccer?

Scott Wilkinson (00:25:50):
I have not, but it's certainly available in 4k.

Leo Laporte (00:25:54):
Fox. I'm thankful Fox is streaming. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, they streamed the World Series in Upscaled 10 80 p, but it was looked pretty good. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, the soccer looks good, but I'm wondering if it's the same upscale. It is.

Scott Wilkinson (00:26:06):
It is in the us It's the same. It's upscaled 10 80 p to 4k. I found it very interesting that this is the first time if you are a Comcast subscriber and you have an X one or one of their other apps, I think this is the first time that you can get the audio in. I mean, I'm sorry, the video in Doby Vision. Oh, high Dynamic Range

Leo Laporte (00:26:32):

Scott Wilkinson (00:26:33):
Oh, that's never been done before, as far as I know on a live broadcast like this. So, yeah. So that's pretty cool cuz Doby vision is the gold standard for hdr.

Leo Laporte (00:26:43):
I have to say, I I was watching in Surround mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, I not do you know, not do not. Doby Visions not, but not well, I don't know what it was. It was surround. Okay. And they mixed the crowd noise. The crowd's really loud of these football matches. Anyway. Yeah. They mixed the crowd noise so loud in my surrounds. I could barely <laugh>. I could barely hear the announcers. It was exciting. Uhhuh. It wasn't an exciting game, but it was it was exciting to hear the crowd. They were clear. They were singing. And those British fans, they sing like crazy. They just loved to sing. Oh

Scott Wilkinson (00:27:17):
They do. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:27:18):
So, yeah, it was fun. Absolutely.

Scott Wilkinson (00:27:20):
Yeah. Yeah. You know, and, and the 4k I'm sure even the upscaled 10 80 p to 4k looks pretty darn.

Leo Laporte (00:27:27):
I did it looked great. Yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (00:27:28):
Now in, in England and in India, actually, they're, they're broadcasting native 4k.

Leo Laporte (00:27:35):
Yeah. Cuz there's a big audience there.

Scott Wilkinson (00:27:38):
Well, true.

Leo Laporte (00:27:39):
Much bigger than the us The weird thing about football, the FIFA World Cup mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and this is every time I watch a soccer match, shoot this way, we're so used to all the camera angles we get in American football. Yeah. And all the closeups in the, you know, all the stuff. And it's basically for <laugh>, you know, two hours, one view of the field from the mid field going back and forth, back and forth. And they're little tiny people and, but it's,

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:09):
And the camera just pans back and

Leo Laporte (00:28:10):
Forth. Yeah. Because the action is so quick. They can't, they don't even pan, they just shoot the whole field.

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:16):
<Laugh>. They just a wide angle. Shot it,

Leo Laporte (00:28:18):
Static shot. That's it. It's, they're gonna have to work on this if they want American audiences to enjoy soccer.

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:24):
It's true. Yeah. It's true. It's

Leo Laporte (00:28:25):
True. Apple has a deal, you know, with Major League soccer for the next 10 years, apple TV's gonna be streaming it. Not kidding. Really. Yeah. And I'll be curious to see if Apple attempts to do something. The problem is football fans, soccer fans around the world are really used to this. Yeah. You don't even see, it was so weird. You know the shot is all from one side of the field. You never see the other side of the field, which is where the players are sitting. They just occasionally do a very quick cutaway cuz there's too much action. So we're used to watching the players on the sideline, watching the coaches. We, it's a very different aesthetic.

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:02):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It is. Yeah. I guess And and soccer has never been that popular in the US except now that we've seen Ted lasso. Yeah. And

Leo Laporte (00:29:11):
That they're hoping. Right. Yeah. But you know, when you have a zero zero tie

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:16):
<Laugh> Yes. It does not. And the game ends

Leo Laporte (00:29:20):
And then the game's over. It does not inspire Americans to go, oh, this soccer is exciting.

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:24):
Yeah. Right.

Leo Laporte (00:29:25):
Right. I mean, if you think a pitcher tool is bad, this thing <laugh>. Anyway, I don't want, I don't wanna get in trouble, so I'll just stop. I'll stop with

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:34):
That. Stop right there. Yes. We'll, but you know, we're seeing more and more 4k hdr high dynamic range. It's

Leo Laporte (00:29:41):

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:41):
Live sports, which is exciting. It's

Leo Laporte (00:29:43):
Good for sports. I don't know though, but, but do you have really dark darks in sports? No, it's all pretty well lit.

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:48):
Well, you, it is all pretty well lit. Except when you, they have shots of say under the bleachers, under the second tier of bleachers. What

Leo Laporte (00:29:57):
Game are you washing? <Laugh>. Yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:00):
<Laugh>. Well,

Leo Laporte (00:30:01):
You know, do the board walk,

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:03):
You can see the bright, the bright pitch as it's called. Right. The field in soccer. Yeah. Yeah. And you can also see the dark shadows. If they're in the shot, you can see the both at the same time. And that's really the value of hdr to tell you the truth. For me, the most important thing they could do, and they don't yet. Well they do, they do actually is high frame rate in

Leo Laporte (00:30:25):
Sports. That's what you really need. Right.

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:27):
That's what you really need. And in tv, in video, you do get it, you get 60 frames a second. I,

Leo Laporte (00:30:33):
Well that's not super high. It's better than 24. Well it's,

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:35):
Well it's a lot better than 24. Yeah, exactly.

Leo Laporte (00:30:38):
Would we ever see one 20, you think?

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:41):
Oh, that depends on the bandwidth on how, you know, how much they can pump down those pipes. But I'd love to see that. Yeah. I love high frame rate. Yeah. I was talking about this on my last podcast with Rob Brennan, who is a Sony guy, tech guy. And you know, he, he agrees that for sports it's really, really good. And as high as you can get, they've got TVs now that'll do two 40. Of course you don't have any content that'll do two 40 frames per second. Yeah. but you do have some that'll do one 20 and and 60 certainly is, is a standard in video. So, and that makes the sports look so much sharper.

Leo Laporte (00:31:23):
It'll be very in, I'm, we're all hopeful that Apple will take this opportunity with Major league soccer. Oh man. Do high frame rate cuz the Apple TV supports it Yeah. To do hdr cuz the Apple TV support, Dolby vision. Not all TVs do, but the Apple, apple TV does. I

Scott Wilkinson (00:31:38):

Leo Laporte (00:31:38):
Think Exactly. Of course not all TV support HDR or 4K either. But you know, if you have, well anything a Samsung, you can watch Doby vision. Right, right. And I, I think of it's an opportunity for Apple to say, Hey, this is how good it could look. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you know,

Scott Wilkinson (00:31:53):
By the way, the Apple 4K TV 4K with the A 12 processor is half off this weekend. Yeah. A hundred, a hundred bucks instead of 200 bucks. Yeah. So if you're, if you're wanting to get an Apple TV, 4K streaming boxes, now's a good time to do it this weekend.

Leo Laporte (00:32:09):
What other Black Friday deals did you see? I mean, cyber Mondays, Monday, I mean, most of the deals continue through then at least, right?

Scott Wilkinson (00:32:15):
That's true. Yeah. And there are a bunch of streaming devices on sale. Rokus streaming stick. 4K is half off, 25 bucks instead of 50. Roku Ultra lt, which is a 4K streamer, 30 bucks instead of 73, that's almost 60% off Roku Stream Bar. If you want a sound bar that streams as well. 4K streamer, that's a 80 bucks instead of a hundred hundred and 30. So oh. And if you, if you're still like me in the physical media space, the Sony U B P X 700, M U H D Blueray player, which also has a streamer in it now is 158 bucks down from two 60. So that's 40% off. So in the streaming world this weekend up to Cyber Monday you're gonna get some great deals on streaming devices. Not to mention streaming services. Let's see. I found a Hulu is 75% off for the first year buck 99 a month instead of 7 99 for a year. So Disney plus is 80 bucks instead of 110. That's not such a great deal, but it's something, you know peacock is quite a bit off. That's 99 cents a month.

Leo Laporte (00:33:36):
I saw that. 99 cents. Yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:38):
Instead of five bucks, but that's 80% off. You

Leo Laporte (00:33:41):
Know, I think they're just trying at this point to build the subscriber base. And they know that in a year you won't be paying attention and they can

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:48):
And they'll just up it to to the regular price. Yeah,

Leo Laporte (00:33:51):
Yeah, yeah. But they want those numbers right now. Yeah,

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:53):
It's true. It's true. That's absolutely true.

Leo Laporte (00:33:56):
I'm really getting close. We went over to to Lisa's sister's house and they don't have cable. They're court cutters, but they don't have anything. I said, well, how are you gonna watch a football games? They said, well, we, we just watched the highlights later. I said, I brought over my Google Android tv, <laugh> in Chromecast, worked perfectly, remembered all my accounts, just added it to their wifi. Yep. Watched all the games. Beautiful. Everybody was happy. Except her sister, Leo Laport, the tech guy. Scott Wilkinson. Thank you. <Laugh>. So she's, she, Lisa's sister never has Thanksgiving. We usually have it at our house. And she said, okay, fine. I'll have it. And then we found out, wait a minute, you don't have cable. <Laugh>, <laugh>. So there was a little bit of a panic until I said, oh, I can bring the Chromecast. And and it worked. It worked really, it worked really well. It was actually a very good solution. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, I left it there. They wanted to watch the rest of the game. I may never get it back at this point.

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:57):
<Laugh>. Well, Chromecast, I mean, you know. What's

Leo Laporte (00:35:00):
That? It was inexpensive. Yeah. Yeah. Has all my accounts on it though. <Laugh>. Well,

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:05):
They're now gonna watch all the stuff on your

Leo Laporte (00:35:08):
Accounts. I noticed somebody had somebody had wa gone ahead on on the Crown. I, I'm going, I'm just, I don't know. I don't know who that is unless Lisa's watching in the middle of the night without me. I think I have culprit here.

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:20):
How are you? Do you have YouTube tv? Is that your live?

Leo Laporte (00:35:23):
Yeah. Well we haven't cord cut yet. I'm silly. I pay for everything. Well, yeah. So I have a huge, but this is kind of part of my job, I guess, but as soon as I don't have to Yeah, it is, you know, pay attention to that stuff. I will absolutely just go with YouTube TV full time. It's perfect. Right. It does. The one thing it doesn't do as well. Cause we have TiVos TiVos really good TBR skipping. Yeah, I can skip The DVR is good, but it's hard to skip the TiVos

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:49):
Got the,

Leo Laporte (00:35:49):
On the YouTube tv, TiVos got the commercial skip feature and all that stuff. Right. So. Right, right. That's all. We'll, miss Lisa said you can't, you can't get rid of cable until you can show me how you know how to skip the nice thing on an Apple tv. You can use Siri. You can use your voice to say skip ahead for three minutes. So if once you know how long the breaks are, it's very easy to skip.

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:08):
Right, right. Okay.

Leo Laporte (00:36:10):
Do you want to, speaking of skipping, do you wanna stick around for the top of the hour? I

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:13):
Would be happy to. Well, I'll

Leo Laporte (00:36:14):
Give you this. I

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:15):
Would love it. Also,

Leo Laporte (00:36:16):
Go ahead. Yes.

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:16):
I would also love it if at the next segment I had meant to do this during our segment, we ran outta time tub

Leo Laporte (00:36:22):
Tuba Christmas

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:24):
Is this coming is a week from tomorrow in la So any la listeners wanting to come see me in person. I will be at conducting Tuba Christmas Sunday, December 4th, 3:00 PM

Leo Laporte (00:36:39):
Nice. Nice.

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:40):
Forest lawn cemetery, Hollywood Hill.

Leo Laporte (00:36:43):
Oh, it's back in person. Yay.

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:45):
It's back in person. Yay. That's now where I'm a little nervous about, you know, the triple demic and all that stuff. But I'm gonna be careful and people will be careful as they will and it's up to them. There's no, you know, mask mandate in LA or vaccination require show your vaccination card or whatever. But we're gonna do it. We're gonna do it. We're gonna get back and man, I got so many emails when I passed when I sent that info out and people said, oh, I just needed some good, good news.

Leo Laporte (00:37:19):

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:20):
Tuba Christmas is

Leo Laporte (00:37:21):
Back. Tuba Christmas.

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:23):
Yep. So I would love to to get a little, a little note out to the listeners for next.

Leo Laporte (00:37:31):
Yeah, we'll do that. Right after we come back. I'll, I'll put you on and

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:36):
Oh great. Thank

Leo Laporte (00:37:37):
You. Yeah. Yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:39):
Okay. Good. <Laugh>. Sorry.

Leo Laporte (00:37:48):
You gotta cut down on that smoking habit, dude.

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:50):
Yeah, I know. Man. <laugh> Dr. Mom. Grandma says somehow a super spreader event at a cemetery seems a bit apocalyptic.

Leo Laporte (00:37:59):
Oh God. But it's always been at a cemetery tuba

Scott Wilkinson (00:38:04):
Christmas time. I been

Leo Laporte (00:38:04):
Doing it Yeah. What's a good place to do it really?

Scott Wilkinson (00:38:08):
It is. Yeah. And they've got a beautiful hall, this gorgeous concert hall

Leo Laporte (00:38:12):
And you know the dead don't mind all those tubas.

Scott Wilkinson (00:38:14):
That's right. Exactly. Yes. Tuba Christmas is where you can get all the info. Thank you for for remembering that.

Leo Laporte (00:38:24):
Do, do, do

Scott Wilkinson (00:38:26):
You That is our station. Youtube A TV dwindle.

Leo Laporte (00:38:31):
Very good. That'd be fun.

Scott Wilkinson (00:38:33):
Very good.

Leo Laporte (00:38:33):
That'd be funny if there were a YouTube at tv. Hey, I do have something to say though. Let me tell you about Eight Sleep Boy. I would be more frustrated if it hadn't had a perfect night's sleep last night on my eight Sleep Pod Pro cover. Oh, I love my pod cover this holiday season. Give yourself or somebody you really like the ne gift of, of never any gift of deeper sleep. Good sleep is so important. It reduces so good for your health. It reduces the likelihood of serious health issues. Decreases the risk of heart disease. Lowers your blood pressure. It's even been shown to have a good night's sleep. Especially that deep sleep to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. That deep sleep cleans out the, the garbage in your brain. And you know, even though it's only maybe an hour or two a night, it's absolutely critical to your wellbeing.

Your sense of aliveness of vitality. And eight sleep helps you do it in a very simple way. I love my eight sleep. The eight sleep pot. Now you can get the a sleep mattress. We have the pot. It's a, it's a tech layer. It fits onto your mattress. It's just like a fitted sheet. But here's what it does. It dynamically heats and cools each side of the bed to maintain optimal sleep temperature based on how you're moving around, how what you want the temperature of the room. It monitors that as well. It can go as cool as 55 degrees, which by the way in the summer is amazing. Or as warm as 110 degrees in the winter. Oh, it's toasty. In fact, I set mine to be warm in the evening. Four or five on the scale. But then what happens is you get into deeper sleep.

It cools because that's how your body gets a signal that it's time to go into deep sleep. It's almost like cryogenics or something. It cools you and then it warms you up for me. It warms you up again in the morning. Now that's my side. Lisa has her own side with her own settings. Clinical data shows eight sleep users experience up to 34% more deep sleep. That's what you want. It's not a holiday miracle. It might sound like one if better. Sleep is on your wish list. The new pod three cover. We just ordered ours by the way. We have the Pod two. I want to upgrade more sensors, better sleep detection for a limited time. Eight Sleep is offering listeners $400 on their sleep fit holiday bundle. $400 off, up to $400 off. That includes the pod cover. My favorite. Go to to get these exclusive holidays savings. Eight sleep ships currently within the US, Canada, the UK select countries in the EU and Australia. So it's summertime there. You're gonna want this as the summer gets hotter and hotter. You're gonna need this after November 30th. Use the same url, Check out the pod cover, look for other exclusive holiday savings. Or save $150 at checkout with our normal offer. Please use that address so they know you saw it here. Eight I love it.

Ah, we love our eight sleep cover last night. It was chilly. You. The nice thing is I don't have to eat the house as much. We turn off the heat, saves us money cuz the house I turn off all the heat. I even, I like fresh air so I open the windows and I know the eat sleep is gonna keep me toasty. The fresh air. I just, I love it. Hate it. Thank you. Hate sleep. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Where do you stand on the Christmas music thing? Do you, do you you do you play the old stuff Like this morning I turn it on cuz after Thanksgiving you can play Christmas and, and do you play the old stuff? You know, the Brenda Lee rocking around the Christmas tree? Or do you play the Mariah Carey new stuff? What? Yeah, I think the old stuff is imprinted on us. Even though it's terrible music. Scott.

Scott Wilkinson (00:42:24):
No it's not.

Leo Laporte (00:42:25):
Scott Wilkinson is. How would you know Scott? You play the tuba for Christmas?

Scott Wilkinson (00:42:30):
I do play the Tuba for Christmas and we play all the old hits.

Leo Laporte (00:42:34):
Yeah. You have to all the old, nobody knows the new stuff anyway. Right?

Scott Wilkinson (00:42:38):
That's right. That's right. And Tuba Christmas is a sing along thing. So the audience sings along and they, they know all the, the base of Carols.

Leo Laporte (00:42:45):
Yeah. So let's, I brought Scott back cuz it's, we forgot to plug Tuba Christmas and it's, it's, it's next weekend, right?

Scott Wilkinson (00:42:53):
It's next weekend. It's a week from tomorrow. Sunday, December 4th, 3:00 PM in la Any, any listeners in LA It's a free concert. You don't need a ticket, you don't need to sign up or anything. Just show up. It's at the Hall of Liberty, which is a beautiful concert hall on the grounds of Forest Lawn Cemetery Hollywood

Leo Laporte (00:43:13):
Hills. All right.

Scott Wilkinson (00:43:15):
So it's, you know, we're not gonna bother anybody there

Leo Laporte (00:43:17):
Cause they're, you can play them. Like how many tubs are there in Tuba Christmas?

Scott Wilkinson (00:43:22):
Normally there's a hundred plus over a hundred Tubas playing. You've

Leo Laporte (00:43:26):
Never heard a hundred Tubas. And I haven't this sounds like a must. You can find out That's right. And there are, this is the Los Angeles one of course. We have a lot of listeners in LA thanks to the great kfi mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. But we have listeners all over the country and there are tuba Christmases all over the country right

Scott Wilkinson (00:43:45):
There. That's right. There's one in San Jose. There's one in San Francisco, Portland, Boston, New York is a big one. Orange County, they're all over the place.

Leo Laporte (00:43:54):
I think you can go to tuba and find

Scott Wilkinson (00:43:56):
Out. Correct. You can go to tuba and, and click on where is Tuba Christmas and find one, find

Leo Laporte (00:44:03):
One near you,

Scott Wilkinson (00:44:04):
<Laugh>. That's right. But if you want, if you wanna know the LA details, it's tuba christmas

Leo Laporte (00:44:09):
And this is the first time you're back in person.

Scott Wilkinson (00:44:11):
That's right. Since three

Leo Laporte (00:44:12):
Years. So this is exciting.

Scott Wilkinson (00:44:15):
Very exciting. I'm really looking forward to it. Cool. It's

Leo Laporte (00:44:17):
Gonna be great. And you lead the band right in your Santa outfit? I do. And does does Joanna sing?

Scott Wilkinson (00:44:24):
Normally she does. She won't be there this year. I've got a substitute for her. She's got another, another Christmas concert to do up here in Santa Cruz this year. So, got

Leo Laporte (00:44:32):

Scott Wilkinson (00:44:33):
Got a gig. Yeah, I know. All right. We have professionals play some special stuff. It's really a great Santa shows up.

Leo Laporte (00:44:41):
Oh, exciting. That's gonna be fun. Very good. So bring the kids, right? It's okay. Yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (00:44:44):
By all means. It's a total family thing.

Leo Laporte (00:44:46):
And, and, and bring your songbook. So you know the words.

Scott Wilkinson (00:44:50):
No, we, we provide

Leo Laporte (00:44:51):
'Em. Oh, nice.

Scott Wilkinson (00:44:53):
We provide the lyrics for all the basic carols. So if you don't remember Jingle Bells, it'll be right there in front of you.

Leo Laporte (00:44:58):
That's my, to me that's, that's the fun thing about Christmas music is actually going around caroling. Yeah. And singing the songs. It's just wonderful, you know, and bothering your neighbors. All right. Thank you Scott. I just wanted to give you an extra, a little extra plug for Tuba Christmas. Find out more Kathy's next. Brea, California. Hi Kathy.

Caller 2 (00:45:21):
Hi Leo. I love your show and thank you for taking my call.

Leo Laporte (00:45:24):
Oh, I'm so glad to hear from you. What's up?

Caller 2 (00:45:28):
I have your, I'm using my speaker. Would you rather I

Leo Laporte (00:45:30):
Switched? No, you sound good. You sound good.

Caller 2 (00:45:32):
Okay, great. Okay. Three days ago, when I tried to log onto my Facebook account via my Samsung cell phone, the screen shifted sideways and a notice popped up that my account had been restricted due to their observation of suspicious activity to reactivate. It said I need to, they would send me a code, but after three failed attempts, I was informed that was no longer an option and I had to send a photo of my driver's license or passport or marriage certificate. So next I chatted back and forth with a couple of box one named Swing <laugh>. But that was ultimately futile. And I stopped chatting. Finally, I sent them what they wanted, a somewhat redacted photo of my license. And they replied they needed to see the license number. I'm concerned this may not really be Facebook and some bad guys could do damage to me with my license number.

Leo Laporte (00:46:28):
Boy, I'm so glad that, that those alarm bells went off in your head.

Caller 2 (00:46:32):
Oh, I think everyone's out to get me.

Leo Laporte (00:46:34):
<Laugh>. Well not get, you get everybody. Yeah, generally when you see that message, you will see that message from Facebook. Generally it means at some point you try to log into Facebook from a spurious account, from a, from a false account. And this happens all the time. You've click a link and Facebook says, oh, you gotta re-log in. And you think it's Facebook cause it looks exactly like Facebook and you, your credentials. And it's not.

Caller 2 (00:46:58):
I never have.

Leo Laporte (00:46:59):
So that's usually why people get this message. There are other reasons. I guess you could get it if, for instance, you were traveling and all of a sudden you were in Bellow Ros and using your Facebook account, they might say, and we wanna make sure it's really you. Have you traveled lately?

Caller 2 (00:47:14):
No, but here's the funny, here's the funny story. I try to link to Facebook. A techie friend emailed me, but it informed me that I could be subject to Facebook jail again. Okay. Cause I, I may be guilty of spreading spam and here's why. Two weeks ago I shared a KFI post that was on Facebook about seven 11 selling Crocs. And I shared it with a small private Facebook group. I managed.

Leo Laporte (00:47:41):
Yeah. But somebody flagged it.

Caller 2 (00:47:43):
Yes. They

Leo Laporte (00:47:44):
Hate me. Somebody flagged it. So, so that's another way you can get in Facebook jail <laugh>. Yeah. I mean, the most, you know, honestly, it's, there's a lot of reasons, and this is a problem with Facebook, is there this behemoth, this centralized behemoth and we all, you know, rely on 'em. And if they, if they cancel you, you're canceled. You know, that's bad. So let me just see if they so the confirmation code didn't arrive. That's, that's suspicious, right? Because it might be that somebody did get into your account and change your phone number. Did it, did it display the phone number or at least partially display the phone number? It was gonna send that confirmation to Yeah.

Caller 2 (00:48:27):
Yes. Did. And it was correct.

Leo Laporte (00:48:29):
It was the correct number. I wonder why you didn't get it. I wonder why you didn't get it.

Caller 2 (00:48:33):
Exactly. Well, I'm <inaudible> to the T-Mobile guy and show him. Go. Do you see this a lot? You know, I know they,

Leo Laporte (00:48:43):
Yeah, we do. We, I, people call me all the time with this. I'm interested in the driver's license thing, cuz you're right to not wanna give them your full id.

Caller 2 (00:48:55):
Yeah. I just, I left my name and address and photo, you know, they were that concern. They could see on my page, same photo, you know, similar photos. But I was like, my license.

Leo Laporte (00:49:06):
And by the way, when you do that, do make sure you're on Facebook that you're not anywhere else, obviously. So you wanna look in the top of your browser bar and see that it says www do That it's https and then also click on that link and, and it'll say connection secured. And you might wanna look at, get the more information and make sure that the certif, the certificate does say in fact and Facebook uses Digit cert. So you wanna see if the Certificating authority is digit cert. That's just to make sure that you're talking to Facebook at that point. I I mean, I'm trying to figure out if they do need your why they, why they would need your driver's license.

Caller 2 (00:49:53):
Yeah. Is that like I ever gave it to them before?

Leo Laporte (00:49:56):
No, no, no, no. They don't usually do this, but they but they sometimes do this.

Caller 2 (00:50:02):
Well, I've been flagged, like you said. I was just

Leo Laporte (00:50:05):
Yeah, it says don't digitally conceal ID information. We don't accept photos that have been digitally modified to hide information you can physically cover.

Caller 2 (00:50:15):
That's what

Leo Laporte (00:50:16):
I did with your thumb or something as you took the picture.

Caller 2 (00:50:20):
I used post-it stuff. A

Leo Laporte (00:50:23):
Post-It note. Well try doing your finger instead just to <laugh>. Just, just to see if they'll accept that. Maybe they thought the post-it note was digital. If you put your finger over the, over the driver's license number, they do have to have your name, your date of birth, your and a photo or your name in a photo. But it does seem that they are okay with you obscuring the number, which you absolutely should do.

Caller 2 (00:50:48):
That's not what it came, the text came

Leo Laporte (00:50:50):
Back. Try it again with just your finger. Okay. Cause it says we don't, they wanna, they wanna know that you're actually, that you're not doing it digitally. That's not, but digitally modified if your finger is in the picture. Okay. Don't, don't scan it, but take a picture with your phone, with your finger covering the number. They're gonna know, or even just part of the number. They're gonna know that that wasn't digitally altered that you did that with your finger. See if that works.

Caller 2 (00:51:14):
I was wondering if the suspicious activity might be my own post.

Leo Laporte (00:51:18):
Could be, could be that spam. Yep. We don't know. The gods of Facebook are odd. Leo Laport the tech guy. They are capricious the gods of Facebook.

Scott Wilkinson (00:51:36):
They are inscrutable.

Leo Laporte (00:51:37):
They're inscrutable. Yeah. Boy, that's, that's, I am not a Facebook member, so I'm no longer a Twitter, but, but

Scott Wilkinson (00:51:48):
I don't, yeah, I don't, I don't do anything on it except I, you know, occasionally I get an email from from close friends who that says, the, this friend posted a photo or something. And I'll go look at

Leo Laporte (00:51:57):
That. But yeah, it's probably a good idea and make sure it's, you know, you don't mind it being up.

Scott Wilkinson (00:52:01):
Right. But generally speaking, it, I I certainly don't do anything to it. I have a Twitter account, but I haven't used it in years.

Leo Laporte (00:52:09):
Yeah. Yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (00:52:11):
And I'm less likely to now with Elon at the helm.

Leo Laporte (00:52:16):

Scott Wilkinson (00:52:19):
But that's just me.

Leo Laporte (00:52:21):
No, it's not just you. <Laugh>

Scott Wilkinson (00:52:23):

Leo Laporte (00:52:24):
It's many of us.

Scott Wilkinson (00:52:25):
It's many. Yeah. Indeed.

Leo Laporte (00:52:28):
All yours. I might get a cup of coffee. You

Scott Wilkinson (00:52:30):
Go get a

Leo Laporte (00:52:31):
Cup of Joe. Take, take it.

Scott Wilkinson (00:52:32):
Thank you. I have taken it. Hello everybody. Nice to see you all. I hope those of you in LA will will come say hi at Tuba Christmas. I will be at the hall all day. And just for those of you who, who might be there, as you might imagine there aren't any restaurants nearby in the middle of a cemetery. So we actually have gonna have a food truck there starting at one o'clock. So if you want to come up and, and have a bite outside the hall, the hall does not allow any food or drink in the hall. But that's, that's gonna be fun. We're gonna have a, a tuba quartet from USC playing in the lobby ahead of the concert to get people in the mood. We will have various gift items to buy for your holiday shopping needs, tuba Christmas scarves and hats and t-shirts and CDs. What are those? Yeah, well, I'm old enough to remember CDs.

 Anyway, just hope that you that you do that. Oh, look, Sarah Jane UK is waving across the bond. Hello to you. How you doing there Sarah? Glad to see you here in the chatroom. Joe asks I know it costs a bit more, but I recommend Apple TV over Roku or Fire tv. The latter are full of ads all over the ui. It's gross. Well, I agree that's pretty gross. I suppose it depends. Is that always true? No matter whether you I guess that might be. So I have started using the Apple TV more than Roku. I have both. I don't have a Fire tv, but I have a Roku Ultra and I have a Apple TV 4k and I have started using that more than the Roku and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. So I don't disagree with you Joe.

 <Laugh> Mike Ice. How about a so far Hanukkah <laugh>? Yeah, man, that'd be awesome. The only problem there is the number of notes that a show far can play is very limited. So I don't know how you could, how you would play or Dre or Dre or when it's dry and ready or I will play on a show far, we are gonna play some Hanukah toons at Tub Tuba Christmas though. We're gonna play Mozu rock of Ages and C Vaughn, which is another DLE song and an arrangement that I made of ocho, which is a Hanukkah song in la, which is the Spanish. It's basically a form of old Spanish written in Hebrew letters. Essentially it comes from the Sephardic branch of the Jewish people as opposed to Ashkenazi. And they were in Spain and a lot of them, believe it or not, ended up in Shanghai. Anyway, here's a, here's a song that's in la, which is very closely related to Spanish about the eight little candles on the manor. And I, I arranged it for Tubas in a Roomba. So it's really fun.

 Let's see. Dr. Mom, grandma, have I ever heard the song the John Denver song Lay Me Down in Forest Lawn? No, I haven't. But you provided a YouTube link, so I'm gonna go check that out for sure. That that sounds pretty interesting. <Laugh> the Michael Moore. I'm old enough to to remember Real To Real and Phonographs. Yeah, me Too. And Eight Track. Although I never had an eight track for some reason. I, I never had one in my car. I had a cassette of course. And my dad was big into Real to real. And so I I got an early education on that.

 Stimson's asking what's my new role once the Tech Guy show retires in December? I will you know, I'm gonna continue my, my AVS podcast. Certainly. will I continue to be on the show? I don't know. That depends on Rich. We shall see. I'd love to, I hope I can. But and Leo has said he, he and Micah would like me to be on the on the, their new Twitch show once in a while, at least sometimes. And I am at their disposal whenever they would like to see me if I'm available. I would love to be there. Thank you Phoenix Warp one. Let's see, Sedona says, I don't have a 4K tv. Oh, a okay. Probably a spacing problem there. I don't have a 4K tv. Is it, is it strength getting any of these 4K streaming devices.

Not if you don't have a 4K tv. Cuz they'll just, they'll just send 10 80 p they'll just send the lower resolution and you're paying for, for something that you're not gonna use. On the other hand, these streamers, generally speaking, are very inexpensive. So if you did get a 4K one, then when you do get a 4K tv, you'll be already and all set. Of course, if it's gonna be a while before you do, then the streamer will probably get updated at some point. Could be updated by firmware just on online. But there might be some hardware changes as well, in which case you'd need to buy another one. But again, there, you know, a hundred bucks or less. So and the 10 80 p streamers are super cheap. So I would just probably get, if you, if you have a 10 80 P TV now, I would just get a 10 80 p streamer for now, 20, 30 bucks and then get a 4K one. When you get a 4K tv. That's what I would do.

 <Laugh> co-ops. Can't watch this. Can't stop watching that. Spinning globe. Yeah, I love that. Spinning globe. Dwindle says all 4K TVs pretty much have built in smart TV apps. That is true. But generally speaking, I prefer an outboard box. And the one of the reasons is that the app in the tv is often different, often less capable, often loads more slowly is not updated as regularly than the apps in the outboard streaming box. So for these reasons, not only that, but that means that your TV is connected to the internet and those who might be worried about privacy issues. Like for example, if the TV has a camera, is it watching you? Vis, as I recall, Mike ha you can help me with this. As I recall, they got in some trouble for having their onboard camera on their TV turned on and watching

Leo Laporte (01:00:22):
You. Yeah. Cause then they can say whether somebody saw the ad or not, whether there

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:24):
Was, right. Exactly. So that's another reason to get an outboard box rather than use the

Leo Laporte (01:00:30):
Yeah. And if you trust Apple, although

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:32):
<Laugh> Well, there is that isn't there?

Leo Laporte (01:00:35):
Yeah. I mean, whoever the box owns the box is getting information. Roku for sure sells that. Yeah. Yeah. True enough. Yeah. So

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:44):
True enough. Mike B says, Tyson based TVs, that's Samsung mostly. Stay current and are updated regularly. Okay. Well that's good to know,

Leo Laporte (01:00:54):
My friend. I wish you wonderful, wonderful week. I'll talk to you before tub of Christmas, right? No,

Scott Wilkinson (01:01:01):
No, you won't. I'm afraid I'm off.

Leo Laporte (01:01:02):
You're off next week. Okay.

Scott Wilkinson (01:01:04):
I'm actually flying down to LA Oh

Leo Laporte (01:01:07):
Yeah. You have to go down there. Yeah, yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (01:01:09):
And, and, and to be there. So I'm afraid I will not see you next week.

Leo Laporte (01:01:14):
Well, have a wonderful week. Well, hey, hey. How are you today? Leo Laporte here. That's me, your tech guy. Mike has got the day off for Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. If you're in the US celebrated with family and friends and shared your gratitude, our gratitude, I'm grateful for you. I always think that I'm very grateful to get to be here, to get to talk to you, to surround myself with the people. I work with Professor Laura, grateful for you Kim Shaffer. So grateful for you. Our studio manager, John Lenina our board ops Benito, and our, our fix it guy, Burke. Burke. McQuinn is the guy who fixes everything or breaks it. You know, there's a thin line and you probably I, I learned this as a kid when I started taking apart watches. <Laugh>, there's a thin line between fixing and breaking. You know, it's just a, it's a matter of inches. <Laugh> a <laugh>. 88. 88. Ask Leo. That's the phone number. Let's talk high tech. You and me. What do you you say? I am grateful for your call Lisa and Van Nu. Hi, Lisa.

Caller 3 (01:02:25):

Leo Laporte (01:02:27):
How are you? Welcome. Are you

Caller 3 (01:02:29):
Okay? I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

Leo Laporte (01:02:32):
I did. And I hope you did too.

Caller 3 (01:02:35):
Oh, yeah. Mine was different. No Turkey.

Leo Laporte (01:02:37):
No Turkey, no

Caller 3 (01:02:38):

Leo Laporte (01:02:39):

Caller 3 (01:02:40):
I need fish.

Leo Laporte (01:02:42):
You know what, I think a lot of people agree that Turkey is an overrated bird <laugh> in terms of flavor. Right. So, you know. Yeah. Go, go for something else. That's fine. That's good.

Caller 3 (01:02:54):
Something totally different. Totally different. I wanted to ask you I have bling a lot of it good and bad, but whatever. I wanna take photos of my belongings just in case

Leo Laporte (01:03:11):
Good thinking. Get Rob good thinking and

Caller 3 (01:03:14):
Show it to the police.

Leo Laporte (01:03:15):

Caller 3 (01:03:17):
My question is if I take it, I wanna take it on my phone and also, you know, put it in the cloud, I guess, or it goes automatically

Leo Laporte (01:03:27):
Yeah. Or stores. Yeah. iCloud or whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Caller 3 (01:03:32):
And I have albums, but the problem is I will be taking a lot of pictures. Hmm, hmm. <Affirmative>. And

Leo Laporte (01:03:41):
You have a lot of bling.

Caller 3 (01:03:43):
I have a lot of bling. And the thing is, is that I want to hide it in a way. I wanna have it where I can see it. Yeah. But I wanna have it where if somebody says, oh, can I see your dog? And

Leo Laporte (01:03:58):
Oh, you don't. Yes.

Caller 3 (01:03:59):
So, know, go through my photos and they're leaning over my shoulder looking at all my pictures. Yes. That I

Leo Laporte (01:04:05):
Don't want. No.

Caller 3 (01:04:06):
Is there some way of hiding it?

Leo Laporte (01:04:09):
Yes. <laugh>.

Caller 3 (01:04:11):

Leo Laporte (01:04:12):
Yes. So in are you iPhone or Android?

Caller 3 (01:04:19):

Leo Laporte (01:04:21):
I, both IO and Google Photos have a hidden folder feature for exactly this. Because you don't always want all of your bling to be revealed, do you?

Caller 3 (01:04:35):
No, not at all.

Leo Laporte (01:04:36):
Not at all. So but

Caller 3 (01:04:40):
I want it in my phone in case I need Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:04:42):
You know? Yeah. So

Caller 3 (01:04:46):
Or on my computer, I don't know how that works.

Leo Laporte (01:04:50):
I think it will work. So you use Goo do you use Google Photos as your photo album?

Caller 3 (01:04:55):
Yes I do. Okay.

Leo Laporte (01:04:57):
So Google Photos has a locked folder feature.

Caller 3 (01:05:01):

Leo Laporte (01:05:02):
So you're gonna make a folder, call it Bling <laugh>. Yeah. And then there's a, in the when you're in the library, and this is either on your phone or on your desktop, and it will, it will be the same everywhere. So if you do it anywhere, it'll, it'll show up the same everywhere. You'll see the, under the utilities, there's a setup locked folder. And let me think here. Is this gonna, items I'm reading now, Google's a note because locked folder is not unlocked until you open your phone. So it's, it's not visible to anybody, but it is unlocked when you open your phone. However, if it's in the locked photo, it's not gonna appear in the photos grid, in memories in search or in albums. It won't be available to other apps that have access to photos. So in, in effect, it's hidden somebody scrolling through your photos. I don't think they'll see that unless they specifically open up the locked folder. So that's the, and that's why Google does this. It's, you know, they, they know that people will take pictures of, of things or people that they don't want other people to see. So you can, you can move them to the locked folder, or you can create a locked folder and and take the pictures into the locked folder.

Caller 3 (01:06:16):
Yeah. Where do I frame the locked folder?

Leo Laporte (01:06:18):
Under, under Utilities. In the Photos app. So you're gonna go to the Google Photos app desktop or a phone. And there should be a I think it's a utilities. I, I have to look at it and see what they call it, but it's under the menu, you know, the three do menu. So let me just, let me, let me let me go here

Caller 3 (01:06:43):
And and, and you can make multiple folders in

Leo Laporte (01:06:46):
There. Yeah. You can have multiple lock folders. You could have the diamonds. My wife also, Elisa likes to separate the gold from the silver and the platinum. So you could have the, the gold stuff in one folder and the silver and the other. She's, by the way, just like you, <laugh> I see. She has a lot of bling. Let me tell you, I shouldn't say this out loud. I don't wanna encourage any thiery. But she has so much bling. We ended up getting her it's, it's like a, a standalone dresser for your lingerie. So it has thin drawers and so, and it's as tall as a small child and it's full of jewelry <laugh>. And then she got organization boxes so that they can all she knows what she can go right to, right to an item like that, knows exactly what she has. Yeah. So it's go to library. You'll see under a library there's a utilities entry. So why I'm looking at it on the computer, or probably easiest to do this on the computer, but it will then propagate to the phone as well. So go to On the left hand side, you've got the menu. There's a utilities entry under library. And you can then organize your library and create a locked folder as well.

Caller 3 (01:08:03):
All right. I was very concerned about,

Leo Laporte (01:08:06):
I think you're smart. I do. You don't want that to be public. Yeah.

Caller 3 (01:08:10):
Right. But I didn't wanna take any pictures. Now, now, does it go onto does it go into the cloud?

Leo Laporte (01:08:17):
It does, but it's not, it's not it, it's

Caller 3 (01:08:21):
Hard to, it's not

Leo Laporte (01:08:22):
Visible. It's not visible. And it's hard for me to understand from Google's language if it's locked. It doesn't un it doesn't unlock unless you unlock it with, with your face ID or your password. But I'm guessing that Google, probably a rogue employee at Google would still be able to see it. But you know, that's pretty safe,

Caller 3 (01:08:40):

Leo Laporte (01:08:41):
Right. That's pretty safe. Anytime you puts up on the cloud, there's always that question, well, how safe is it? And unless you are encrypting it on your end first, chances are the anybody on the other end looking at the cloud, if there were a rogue employee, could see it. But Google has lots of protections against that happening. I wouldn't worry about that too much. Apple has the same thing. They call it the hidden folder. Same idea. Same idea. The locked folder. You know what, you might have to do it in the phone cuz it's, it gets locked by your face ID or your fingerprint. So it might be that you start with this on your phone, then you could take anything you want and move it into the locked folder. So you can, if you've already taken pictures, you can move it. I'll tell you what, I've got a good support article from Google. We'll put in the show notes so that you can read the details of this. It describes it all for you. Thank you. The locked photos. I see. Okay. So this is not a desktop feature. It is an Android feature because of the lock, right? Is your, is your fingerprint or your face recognition? So it is only on your Android phone that they're locked. They're not visible anywhere else.

Caller 3 (01:09:56):
Anywhere. Well, I don't use my fingerprint or my face.

Leo Laporte (01:09:59):
Well, you might wanna turn that on <laugh>. In fact, they'll make you turn that on. Just so that nobody can, can, that's how they're locking it

Caller 3 (01:10:09):

Leo Laporte (01:10:09):
If that makes sense. The other thing, if, if you didn't wanna do that, there is other ways you could encrypt it and so forth. But it's easiest if you're already using Google photos just to use that feature in photos. But yeah, now that I see it's, it's Android only

Caller 3 (01:10:22):

Leo Laporte (01:10:23):
You can't do it on the desktop.

Caller 3 (01:10:26):
Okay. Well that's, that's,

Leo Laporte (01:10:28):
You don't have to use fingerprint face. You could do a six digit passcode if, if you want or something like that.

Caller 3 (01:10:35):
Yeah, I would rather do that.

Leo Laporte (01:10:37):
Yeah, fine. That's just as secure. In fact, some, some would argue more secure.

Caller 3 (01:10:45):
Okay. Yeah, because yeah, that's fine. Good. Thank you so much. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:10:51):
You're very welcome, Lisa. I'll, I'm, I'm gonna tell my Lisa, she's not alone. <Laugh>, she loves the bling. And I say, honey, it's Christmas. Put some bling in your carts and send me the link so I can order you some noon bling.

Caller 3 (01:11:06):
Oh, really?

Leo Laporte (01:11:07):
<Laugh>. Well, I, you know, I occasionally I will take a chance and, and get something without asking her first, but that's almost always a mistake. Always better to find out what she wants. Right.

Leo Laporte (01:11:18):
Well, I dunno, it's romantic to have something that I picked. Her favorite piece is something I picked. So there you go. There you go. <Laugh>. Hey, a pleasure talking to you. Happy holidays Lisa. Thank you. From my Lisa to yours, <laugh> 88. 88. Ask Leo the phone number. (888) 827-5536. Johnny Jet Travel Guru coming up at the bottom of the hour. Meanwhile, more of your calls stay. Here you have a Harry Winston personal shopper doctor. Mom, you might, you might have won the bling wars.

Lisa's good though. She can look at any piece of jewelry, any, any gem and say, no, that's overpriced. Oh, that's a good price. She knows immediately what it should cost. Our show today brought to you by add, if you've got a Mac business, you know, using Mac, we do. You gotta know about Addigy. Agy helps you do more than just manage your Apple devices. Agy is the only, the only fully cloud based, multi-tenant Apple MDM platform designed for scalability. ADD actually helps you with live agent capabilities. So you can onboard people, they can help you onboard people with live agents. ADD gives you the features, the functionality, the flexibility you need to customize and manage your Apple devices. How you want, you know, if you've got apples in your OR estate. And by the way, nowadays, cuz at B Y O D, lots of iPhones out there tablets, macintosh's, you shouldn't use an IT company that doesn't know about Apple.

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test123 (01:16:09):
Connection seems a little spotty while I was listening to you in the background, but I've been wanting to talk to you for such a long time. Been listening to you since you were had the tech TV and for many years watching you. Thank you. I'm so sad you're retiring.

Leo Laporte (01:16:22):
Oh, I'm all, you know, to be, to be clear, I'm not really retiring. I'm still gonna be doing podcasts. I'm just I won't be doing it on the radio anymore. I won't won't be using transmitters in a tower doing radio. Yeah, it is sad cuz I've spent a long time, this is the 46th anniversary of me entering the business this month. And I'm a little sad about that. But on the other hand, thank goodness for podcasting. I get to, I get to blather all I want. <Laugh>

Caller 1 (01:16:51):
Well, I'll I'll tune in then. I'll Yeah,

Leo Laporte (01:16:53):
Yeah. The podcast will go on. Rich is gonna do the Saturday radio show and then Sunday Mike and I will do, we're gonna call it ask the Tech guys and we'll continue to answer questions and so forth. It'll be streamed live on the internet YouTube tv, Twitch. And it'll be a podcast you can listen to at your leisure. Much as many people listen to this podcast, this show as a podcast as well. So it's not gonna really change much from my point of view, except I get Saturdays off, which is a big deal from, from the family's point of view. Anyway, what can I do for you?

test123 (01:17:26):
Well, I have two questions. One of 'em is kind of a password issue. One of 'em, since you guys were talking about re refresh rates and computers and Apple TV 4k. Yeah, that one is one that I've also had an issue with. But the two questions the first question has to do with passwords. How to get a reset on a computer password. Cuz my uncle passed away over his estate. Yeah. And I've been going through a lot of stuff and finally I realize there's stuff I probably meet on his computer, but I don't have his password cause I'm not sure how to reset it.

Leo Laporte (01:17:55):
This is the first, by the way, the thing everybody who's listening right now should do, especially people of a certain age like me should do is, and I did this, write it, don't put it on, don't put it digitally make, you can do it digitally, but print it out, put a piece of paper. I have it in my desk drawer in case of my death. And it has all my passwords, all my accounts, everything you need. It's actually made simple cuz I use a password manager. So the main thing is the password to the password manager but also the logins to all the computers and and next Tokin can go there. You know, I've told told everybody my executor and everybody that's gonna sit, it's in a piece of paper in my desk drawer. So everybody listening now, just do that real quickly this weekend because you don't want your, your next akin to have to go through this. Was it a Windows machine?

test123 (01:18:45):
Yeah, I think it was Windows xp, last version. And I'm also needing to get his Turmo tax password cuz there's something. And the way I could reset it, it needs his email. He was very proud of himself cuz he still used dial up email that he got for free.

Leo Laporte (01:19:01):

test123 (01:19:03):

Leo Laporte (01:19:04):
What was the name of the company? What was the name of the company? Do you know? Yeah, net

test123 (01:19:07):

Leo Laporte (01:19:07):
Oh yeah. Good old Net Zero. Yeah, they're still around. The good news is they

test123 (01:19:11):
Account and he got a free email and free internet dial up.

Leo Laporte (01:19:15):
Yeah. Then they showed you ads and maintained. Yeah. I'm amazed that they're still doing that. That's pretty cool.

test123 (01:19:20):
Made like a few years ago and I'm still trying to close out his estate. Yeah, I'm just looking, figuring out how to get his passwords reset given that. So

Leo Laporte (01:19:29):
XP is easy. XP is pretty easy to get into if you forget your password. Later versions of Windows are more secure later versions of Windows. The best way to do it would be to get his Microsoft account. And almost always when you set up Windows, unless you really try hard, your Microsoft account will have the ability to unlock your computer even if you've forgotten your password with xp, little more tricky. But if you just if you look around, XP wasn't all that secure. So if you look around for xp password forgotten, that's pretty easy. There's a program most people use called Loft Crack. L l I think it's L zero P ht, C A C K L O. Or just, I think if you spelled it L O P H T C A C K, you could find it. It's a little program you run. Easy to get into Windows xp. That's not very well secured. Net Zero has an online component so you don't have to use Tile Up <laugh>. I think you can log in once you get his credentials. Do you have his net zero account name and password?

Oh, I've lost him again.

test123 (01:20:38):
I hope I'm, I'm here. You're coming in and

Leo Laporte (01:20:41):
Out. Yeah, I think you're, yeah, it's a cell phone. Probably follow

test123 (01:20:44):
Up on that. I'll take what you said.

Leo Laporte / Johnny Jet (01:20:46):
Yeah, we'll put in the show notes. Tech i That good. And then if you have his net zero password, you can log in on the internet to net zero. You don't need to have a modem. This is why. Okay. Again, a password manager, it's good for you when you're alive because it keeps you secure. You don't reuse passwords. You store 'em all in a password manager that's protected with a single password and usually a second factor. One point somebody made in the chat room, it's a good point if somebody passes, it's probably too late for your uncle since it was a couple of years ago. But when somebody passes, keep their cell phone account active for a little while in case they're using two factor on a cell. But this is a good reason you shouldn't do that. You should use a authenticator program on your cell phone or do what I do.

This is maybe more geeky, but it sure is it made it easy for me. I taped to that piece of paper in case of my death. A a hardware unlocking key. That's my two factors. It's called a UBI key, Y u b I k e When you get one, you should always get two or three you and set up all three of them with any account that you use as password manager for instance. In fact, that's really all you need is do it on the password manager because that's the thing you wanna keep most secure. And then they'll then somebody will need this physical hardware key. Right? But don't hide it <laugh> or, or, or get an extra one and, and tape it to that piece of paper that says in case of my death so that your loved ones can get into your accounts. This is the kind of thing I know nobody wants to do it. I put it off for a long time, finally got around to doing it. And then you tell, you know your loved ones. I told my wife it's in the drawer and now I've told the whole world. So if you break into my house, that's where <laugh>, that's where you'll find it. Johnny Jet coming up. 88 80. I'll have to move it to the other drawer. I guess now. 88. 88. Ask more calls coming up too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's that probably works in xp. Works in Windows 11. Rename Tillman to Command xc. Then when you click the accessibility icon Wow. Does that really work on Windows 11? Cuz that's, that's a, that's not a good thing. Thank you Dr. Mama. You're smart. I know you're smart. You do that Johnny. Hey Leo, how you doing? Good. How's Natalie feeling? You know what? She's sick again. She was fine for Thanksgiving. We went to my cousin's house and the next day she woke up and Oh man, a lot of people got sick after Thanksgiving, I think. No, but it wasn't from that. I don't know. But I don't know. She must had like a little relapse. But she's got a nasty cough man. Not, not Covid though, just to just Oh yeah, no, she tested negative. Listen, our kids are always sick. Yeah.

And our daughter's sick. No, that's what happens when you have small children. I always felt like, well it's just strengthening me <laugh> for later in life. Cuz now I never get sick cuz I got it all when they were little, right? Yeah. They're coming in the room and they're like coughing on me. They droo on you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm like, oh boy. But knock on wood, and I've fortunately I've been boosted and flu shot everything, you know? Yeah, me too. I got so many, I have had five covid shots now. Geez. Louise. Well, I've had four. Yeah. Well, you're a lagger. You're a slacker. Get on out there, get your fifth one like a pro. But it's funny, I was just talking to Natalie about, you know, like a, like a few weeks ago said, listen, this is my password to my computer.

If anything ever happens good, good. Now I, now I gotta put a, you know, a piece of paper in my drawer so in case someone breaks I would do that. Or, or a say, you know, if you're worried about somebody breaking in maybe a safe deposit box or you know, somewhere they're gonna look. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. It's tough to think about that stuff. But unfortunately my dad's on his last lap and I know. So we gotta I know. I gotta make sure I know his password. Yeah. Get all that stuff. Yeah. This is a, this is a big deal, you know, I mean Facebook allows you to memorialize an account if somebody passes, you know, I saw that and I did that already. Yeah. For you. Yeah. In case I, in case I go, I, you know, are people saying I missed Johnny?

He was a great guy when he was alive. Yeah. I mean, I hope I missed, especially by my, my family. But yeah, Macon has that as a, that feature as well. Which is kind. I just joined your TWIT social. Oh, I better approve you then. Let me get No, I got approved right away. Oh, last night. Yeah, that was me. I go through 'em twice a day now. I got 55 people knocking. Only I can approve you. So if it was, I just, I don't look at the names. I just look and see if they say your name or my name or Twi or something like that. But Okay. See like, here's a guy that says I wanna try and mask it on. Nope. Gotta be, gotta be somebody. Gotta be a listener. There's plenty of servers that I'm trying to, to keep ours from getting overwhelmed.

Gotcha. I haven't used it yet. Well get put a post in there. I'll say hi to you and everybody will follow you. Yeah. So it's no, the problem with Macon is just, it's just, I think it's just too complicated for, to set up for people. It's not, I don't, the only, it just takes, it's just a couple more steps. I just think it's just, well I don't know if, if for instance, the only tricky thing is there's many places, different places you can sign up. So you just find a server you like and you can go to. I think it's I put a link in the when you go to, if you're not a member, you'll see the rules but you also see, and if you're not a member of our community, go to, I think it's or something and it has a search thing to find where you want be.

That's the only thing another after that's just like sign up for Twitter. So can anyone else have Johnny Jet name on, not Johnny No. Right. And you can verify that by putting a link to your mastodon in your, on your Johnny Jet website. Only you have control of that. Right. No one else can post to that. Right. So that proves that you're the Johnny Jet. Somebody else could be Johnny Jet at Mastodon do social, but they won't have that verification. I see. And, and I think self verification's a good system. You don't have to wait for Twitter to do it. Here we go. Right.

He's been everywhere man. He's our traveling guru who's getting back on the road. TSA sees him coming. They say, take off your shoes kid. And no, they don't. They say, oh, global entry. Come on in your tsa pre my friend. Actually just this morning I reactivated my clear account. You know, it's so funny cuz I was, I deactivated it too clear. Said, well, since nobody's traveling if you want, we, we, we'll put you on hold for a year. And Lisa and I, when we flew the other day, I can't remember I went to Vegas. We both said, oh shoot, we should have reactivated our clear accounts. It just takes a couple minutes. I's I think he can even do it at the airport as well. Yeah, probably. Yeah. Yeah. But cause they already have my iris and my fingerprints and they know who I am.

Right. And I have the Amex green card, which now covers up to $189. So does it pay for clear? Yeah. For annually. And, and the fee is $189. But the tip is just sign up to either United or Delta because they're partners with them. Even if you're not an elite frequent flyer, as long as you have an account which takes two minutes to sign up, you'll get that fee down to $119 a year. Which is incredible savings for basically doing nothing. So don't pay the full price. Nice. And then make sure your credit card, a lot of these premium credit cards that charge a fee do cover clear. Oh, I have to, I have a, one of them fancy cards I gotta check on that. They pay for Global, my, my American Express space for Global Entry. Is that independent? Like could do it both or you'd pick one?

Yeah. Yeah. No, they should do both. But you just gotta, you gotta see which one's which. Yeah. Yeah. Nice. So I used to have the American Express Platinum card, but I, you know, I stopped traveling like a madman. So I was like, why am I paying six 50 a year? That's an expensive card, but you get a lot of travel. So I've downgraded. Yeah, you do. But I downgraded to the green card. Yeah. Which is only I think $150 a year. Nice. And you know, if you get this one benefit, it pays for it. Just, just to clear. Yeah, right there. You're, you're 39 bucks in the, in the, in the green. Yeah. And then once I start traveling like a madman again, I'll, I'll go back up to the platinum card. Nice. Listen, I was paying so much money in credit cards cuz I got into every single lounge.

And that's just one way to, you know, travel Well because if there's ever a problem, you know, you want to get on the phone right away, you wanna get on Twitter right away. And you also want to go to the lounge because, you know, the agents in there can really work wonders. See, this is why we listen to Johnny. Yeah. You know what if, if there's a really long delay, you can go to a lounge, even if you're not a member and say, Hey, will you sell a day pass? Most of them will not sell. Those are like though expensive rather than 40 bucks or something. $59. Right. Per person. But if you're one person and you need to get an agent right away, it could, it could save you a lot of time. Yeah. So consider that. Yeah. Plus they have food. Not always the best food, but there's food.

But yeah, they're, some of them are really good. The, the, the Centurion lounges are good food. That's the fancy Amex. That's the problem is they're too crowded. Yeah. Yeah. We went, we, we got to the airport a little too early and they said you can't come in until like two hours before you flight. You three hours. Three hours, usually 40. Yeah. They're so crowded. So crowded. Yeah. Cause everyone knows this hack, you know, have a, have a credit card and you know, they're giving them away. It's, it's, it's so much cheaper to get the credit card than to buy a membership or it's just the same price. So, you know, do it. Yeah. also, what was I saying? We've been lucky this week because there hasn't been any storms. I mean the airlines are doing a great job. I I, you know, I love the rag on 'em, but they're actually doing a great job this week.

 Again, they might have been lucky because of the weather so good. But there hasn't been a lot of delays. I think 30 something cancellations this today and on Tuesday, which was supposed to be the busiest day of the week, according to the faa, which I kind of disagree, but that's, but I wouldn't, you know, I take their word over mine. There was only four cancellations between United Delta and American combined. How does, is that what what what that's unheard of. We were, everybody's worried that going home from Thanksgiving is, was gonna be tough cuz the storm, well there are some storms coming. So tomorrow could be a little rougher. Especially in the south. They said it maybe even the northeast. Oh. But so far so good. Fingers crossed. And I think the, I think the airlines would take it because so far it's been great.

Yeah. How Knock on wood. That's great. And what can I, you know, I think everyone's been asking me about, you know, black Friday deals, cyber Monday deals. There's a lot out there. I was just really, the airlines do that too, huh? There's some airlines, they're not great, but I think Hawaiian Airlines right now, Hawaiian Airlines has $99, I think from the west coast to Hawaii. Nice Princess Cruises. You can get cruises for like 40 something dollars a day. Wow. Which is great. But again, this is not gonna be during peak times. I was just looking at it. Like the summer ones are $700 for, for like a four day cruise. While the other ones are like 4 78, which turns out to be like four $43 a day. Nice. But shop around. This is a good weekend. If you're gonna buy some travel for the spring or the summer.

Look, spend the time right now on gadgets as well. I'm not sure if the the air tags are still on sale, but they went down $20 over the weekend and you put 'em in your, your luggage. Right. I put 'em, I put 'em in my check luggage. I put him in my carryon <laugh>. Our friend, our friend Glenn Fleishman, who is quite the geek is in Germany right now and he's traveling light. But you know, he is got a backpack. So he, he tooted his list of air tags. He's like six air tags. He's got 'em in everything. His wallet, his baggage, his luggage is carry on. Everything. He's a mess around. But you Yeah. That mess around. Yeah, it works. You don't lose things. Yeah. Or at least, you know, if four pack was Yeah, four pack was $79. That's a good deal.

Good deal. Mine are, I got 'em when they first came out. So they're a year old. So I think they're, they're telling me you gotta put a new battery's a battery. Yeah. I gotta figure that out. <Laugh>. Yeah. I don't know how to do that. This is the battery time of year, isn't it? We got some Christmas ornaments that use weird lithium batteries and now I gotta order new batteries so I can put 'em in the Christmas ornament. Wow. I haven't heard of that one before. We got a game of at least bought a Game of Thrones throne. You know the one with all the iron throne with all the swords sticking out. Yeah. And it needs a weird lithium battery and apparently plays the Game of Thrones theme. <Laugh>. That's awesome. Michael got cuz he is a big fan of The Nightmare. Before Christmas he got a wreath with Jack Skelton's head in the middle of it wearing a Santa hat, you know, the, the skeleton hero of Nightmare before Christmas.

And, and it says things as you walk by. It's a little disconcerting. <Laugh>. God, what does it say? You know? Hello <laugh>. Well, I, I don't know. I don't remember. I love Christmas or something. I don't know. It's, it's just a little weird that somebody's talking to you outta that wreath. But you know, that's, that's kind of the fun. Oh good. Somebody has put in the showroom in the showroom and the chat room. How to replace the battery in your air tag. Thank you. Scooter X I was gonna say I would Google YouTube cause Yeah, I knew it'd be, you know, I knew it'd be there. Press down on the polished stainless steel battery cover and rotate counterclockwise. Yeah. Okay. That's good to know. Cause I'm gonna be time for me to replace her too. I'm try right now. I got one right here. They use CR 2032 s.

The good news is I have a ton of those. I got those all over the place. Those are those lithium batteries, right? I do. I do too. It's gonna be frozen in. I think You didn't buy the mic. Costco. Oh, everywhere. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Oh, it popped out It worked. <Laugh>. Now I just need to put a new battery in these, I keep these on my keys cuz that's the thing I lose is the keys all the time. What else? Johnny is new in travel. How much time we got? You got one minute and four seconds. Well, although it's not new in travel, but what am my popular posts this week was instead of giving flight, attends a hard time this holiday, give them this. And that's, that's, you know, always bring either a bag of chocolates or bring them a $5 Starbucks cards. Oh, I bet they love the Starbucks.

Totally. Most importantly is just bring your smiles. Aww. And cuz most flight attendants, you know, they don't, they don't, they get a lot of heat from people. They just take their problems out on them. Not just flight attendants. Anybody in retail, anybody who works at a restaurant, anybo, a gate agent. Anybody who deals with the public. Most of us in the public are nice people. Some of us are not. So be the nice one. Bring 'em a gift. Thank them. I always tip Well, you can't tip it, you can't tip a flight attendant though, right? You actually can, can you yeah, you can slip him a five. Yep. So keep him coming, honey. I've never done it. I I always give him either gifts or something. I think that's better. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not so weird. People do. It's weird. A little weird.

Give him cash. Johnny jet johnny for his newsletter. He's on Instagram, Twitter. And now ma it on Johnny Thank you Johnny. Thank you. In the, in the Fed averse. It makes a funny sound when I put this in. I have a bunch of 20, 30 twos at home. I, it was so easy this whole time. I thought I was gonna be too hard to take this out. Now it's now, it's now I can't get back together. That's usual. How was my connection by the way? It was awesome. Why? Okay, good. Are you on wifi? I was on wifi because my my be USB hub. I, I think it's as out because I, I hooked up my hard wire and it was not working. I was like, oh boy. Unless my wire is twisted. Is that, could that be it too? I don't think Twisted should make a difference.

Look, check this out. Oh, <laugh>. Do you, do you run that all the way upstairs? Yes. Yes. My wife's like, what are you doing, <laugh>? I had, I had the you know, I had someone come over to, to, you know, <laugh> drill a hole and the guy's like, oh, we can't do that. It's like, what are you talking about? No, no, no. We can't do that, man. You gotta drill. Yeah. See that drill it, they just, yeah. See what Right through the ceiling. You probably can't throw the ceiling, but you could drop it down in the crawl in the, so, and that's why I, I run it through the house and my wife's like, the kids are gonna trip. You know what? Don't worry about it. The WiFi's been great. You only have three more shows, dude. That's that's what I figured. It's fine. It's fine. So, yeah.

All right, good. Yeah. Thank you my friend. Hey, have a great week. You too. Say hi to Lisa. I will say hi to Natalie. I'm sorry she's not, she's feeling poorly. That sucks. Yeah. Oh, man. All right. Take care, my friend. Oh man. Oh man. <Laugh> give her a kiss. Just not on the lips. It's funny that there's a show called Do Explorer Cartoon. Oh yeah. And there's a fox in there. They callem swiper, I think. And it, that swiper is about to steal something. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And he gets caught. He goes, oh man. So now my kids, that's what they say. I, I, oh, love it. Because I pretend I'm the fox and they go, swiper, stop swiping. Oh, that's so, oh man. That's so cute. They love it. Just laugh their tails off. Oh, that's so cute. Oh my god. Joy. This, you know, Henry used to do Simpson's lines. <Laugh>. It's pretty funny. One day he tries to open his door and the doorknob falls off and he says, dad, this crap. Shack's going to hell. <Laugh> <laugh>.

How did you He was like four. And you know what? And then he used to, he used to say, and I found out this was a Simpson's thing. Treat me nice. I'm, I gotta choose your nursing home. I get to choose your nursing. Oh my gosh. There's also cartoon called Bluey an Australian one. I might have mentioned it. It's hilarious. Even adults like it. That's awesome. Time. You're lucky that they like it cuz man, some of that kid stuff. Oh, I can't see anymore. No, there's some good stuff on there. Curious George. I love it. Yeah. Barney and Teletubbies. I had enough that was, sorry. That doesn't, that doesn't go. And they don't like it. Go, go toot something. I'm looking. I'll watch. I watch for you on the Mastodon. All right, tutus. Take care. Thank you Johnny. Have a good one. Bye. Bye. Is he Tootin?

Oh, dragon Tails is good. Dragon tails is good. Yeah. Three more. Johnny Jets. There's a total of, this is a show eight in the, and tomorrow, seven for me. And then so Johnny Jet has three more. Scott isn't gonna be here next week, so he is got two more. Dick has three more. Four more after. Three more after today. Hey everybody. Leo Laporte here. I am the founder and one of the hosts at the Podcast Network. I wanna talk to you a little bit about what we do here at TWIT because I think it's unique and I think for anybody who is bringing a product or a service to a tech audience, you need to know about what we do here at twi, we've built an amazing audience of engaged, intelligent, affluent listeners who listen to us and trust us when we recommend a product.

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Caller 4 (01:46:14):
Van. Hey Uncle Leo. Good

Leo Laporte (01:46:16):
To see you. I am Well, how are you?

Caller 4 (01:46:18):
I just wanted to tell you. Well, I just wanted to say so I'm the evidence photo guy. I'm also the the Edmonton Oil guy in the chat room. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:46:28):
I know you Emmagen. Neat. Nice to see you. Edmonton Oil guy. I I, wait a minute. I didn't know. So you, you have two chat handles. One, I know Edmonton Oiler guy. I didn't know you were also imaging, so that's good to know.

Caller 4 (01:46:43):
Eminence in the in the

Leo Laporte (01:46:45):
Discord in Evanescence. Uhhuh. Well, hello my friend. It's nice to talk to you.

Caller 4 (01:46:51):
So con congratulations on your retirement. I'm, I've been following you man since you know, since tech TV days. And you just make tech fun. Thank you. You're the hardest working guy in tech.

Leo Laporte (01:47:03):
Thank you. Well, and I hope you keep listening to the podcast.

Caller 4 (01:47:06):
I will. Absolutely. I'm also a, I'm also a twi a club. Twi.

Leo Laporte (01:47:10):
Yeah, you're in the clubs, you're in the club, so you have to Gotcha. You have to. That's an obligation. I do

Caller 4 (01:47:16):
<Laugh>. I do. So, so I've got a bit of an issue. I've, you know, I've been working with Apple on this for last number of weeks and I'm, I'm hoping you or somebody listening has a similar issue. So I've got a, I've got a newer M one MacBook Pro i using Safari suddenly over, I would say it started in September, late September. I noticed that downloading you know, clicking link to download it doesn't work.

Leo Laporte (01:47:50):
Not at all. Nothing happens

Caller 4 (01:47:52):
Using Safari. Yeah. Huh. And, and in the App store, I can download anything. I can use Firefox, download anything. 

Leo Laporte (01:48:01):
Have you checked the settings in Safari? One thing that might be the case, this is, this is biting a lot of people. Apple, a couple of Mac OS versions ago decided for security reasons that a program had to ask permission before it could write to the hard drive. And so Safari the first time, and this was would've been a long time ago when you first got your M one would've asked the first time, is it, can I access the download folder? If you didn't give it permission, it would go well then I ain't saving nothing. So the way to fix that, or at least check it, is to go into the system settings. They used to call 'em system preferences. They're now called settings. And look at, in accessibility, full disc access. Probably the easiest thing to do is search for full disc access. They, and then make sure Safari has permission. If it doesn't, you can press the plus button, add Safari, check the box. So that way Safari has the permission to write to the disc. It sounds like you've done that. Yep.

Caller 4 (01:49:02):
Yes. Yeah. And, and I'm working with a senior tech at Apple. Like,

Leo Laporte (01:49:07):
So that's the first thing that they said. Probably this bites a lot of people. Cause they're trying to be secure. So you have to give any program, even Apple's permission to access the disc. All right. What else could it be?

Caller 4 (01:49:19):
Hmm. And, and, and they're, by the way, their tech support. The guy, the guy I've been working with is just fantastic. Good. You know we've been on, we've been on like three calls. We've, wow. We've we've done the console. Like we've opened the console to see what happens in

Leo Laporte (01:49:34):
The Did they have you change the Downloads folder to a different location? Yeah,

Caller 4 (01:49:38):
We did. We did that. I'll tell you what, what the weird part about it is. So I was having some other issues like cause I use back Blades and, and I think what happened is when they changed their client, I, I ended up with permissions issues. Yeah. And what I did was I did a, I did a reformat reinstall.

Leo Laporte (01:49:56):
Oh wow.

Caller 4 (01:49:56):
Time. I was still having issues with Safari.

Leo Laporte (01:49:58):
Oh wow. That's the nuclear option. <Laugh>.

Caller 4 (01:50:02):
I went to Nuclear option. So,

Leo Laporte (01:50:03):
And you reinstalled everything and Safari immediately started giving you the same, I

Caller 4 (01:50:08):
I, I I reinstalled, I did a clean install of Monterey. And without installing anything else, huh? Just the apps on, like what Apple gives you by default, like Safari, nothing else. It works. It starts, it's, it's downloading. So I can go to, I can go download Kronos sync and then, and then it after like a couple of hours it stops working. And then guess what? I reformat, reinstall again. I put Ventura, same exact thing happens.

Leo Laporte (01:50:44):
So there's also, in Safari, there's a setting, I don't know how much this would affect it. And I'm suspecting that if you have, you know, the higher tier support from Apple, you're already done all this stuff. I'm gonna suggest, but make sure the open, safe files box is, yeah. You're already got, you're ahead of me on that one. Why would Safari other browsers will do it? The Apple store will do it. Just not Safari, you

Caller 4 (01:51:12):
Know, every, everything I can, I can, yeah. I can download from any, any other program browser. Like I use, I use panic for F P P. You know

Leo Laporte (01:51:23):
And I presume, sorry, you already, you already were installed everything. So this is kind of unnecessary. But you've emptied the Safari cash, right? That's under, that's in the develop menu. So you have to,

Caller 4 (01:51:36):
We flushed the DNS cash. We did everything.

Leo Laporte (01:51:38):
That's very strange.

Caller 4 (01:51:40):
I'm on, I'm on CloudFlare for dns. And

Leo Laporte (01:51:43):
Ah, try did, did you try, try taking CloudFlare? Turning CloudFlare off. You're on Quad one?

Caller 4 (01:51:51):
Yeah, I, I, I, I use, I'm with Shaw as my, my, I have Shaw Business internet service. Cause in Canada you've got either Rogers, Shaw, Teles. Right. And for the most part, but

Leo Laporte (01:52:03):
So all I could say is stop this is, this is a sign from the heavens that you should be using Firefox instead. <Laugh>,

Caller 4 (01:52:10):
I, I just love, I just love the speed of, of Safari. But can I ask you, can I ask you a, can I give you a theory?

Leo Laporte (01:52:18):
Yeah. What's your theory? I'm, this is a great puzzlement here.

Caller 4 (01:52:22):
Yeah. So when, when Apple released Apple silicon, did they not put Safari Accelerator Chip built in on top of the, you know,

Leo Laporte (01:52:32):
No, they didn't put, they didn't put specific Safari accelerators, but there are accelerators for some of the things Safari does, like playback video, but I don't think there's anything specific to Safari. Okay. So I don't think it's that. But that is, look, I use Safari. I don't use it as my preferred browser on, on Mac, but I do it on an M one, an M two. I've used it and downloaded effectively has not been, this is an unusual problem. Okay. Here's one more thing, and I don't know if Apple will tell you this, but this is something I do. Whenever I set up a new Mac, I create a dummy account. A go, I call it Ghost, cuz it's the ghost in the machine. Yeah.

Caller 4 (01:53:12):
Local. I have a local, I have a local admin account. I've learned, like over the years, all my computers.

Leo Laporte (01:53:17):
Yeah. Because that way, if it's something that's specific to your personal profile Yep. If you log out your profile into this dummy account that you never use, so it's pristine and it's still doing it.

Caller 4 (01:53:28):
Still doing it.

Leo Laporte (01:53:29):
So I'm gonna, I'm gonna guess it's not a Mac issue. That it is something, some interaction between Shaw, CloudFlare, your router, and your, and your Mac.

Caller 4 (01:53:40):
Yeah. But I, I just like, I, I, even when I'm I could be at the Apple store on using their wifi. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:53:48):
Wait a minute. It doesn't, it doesn't do it at the app. Oh no, that's not it.

Caller 4 (01:53:51):
It does it everywhere.

Leo Laporte (01:53:52):
Okay. So that's good. That's a really good diagnostic. You try other internets and it's still not doing it.

Caller 4 (01:53:59):
Yeah. I'm with Rogers. I'm with Rogers as my cell mobile provider. So we, I tethered it. Oh, you, that was one of the first things

Leo Laporte (01:54:06):
We did. Edmonton Oiler guy. Evan Essence photos, by the way, love your photography imaging. I am gonna ring the bell. You have come up with the intractable problem of the day. Ding, bing, <laugh>. No idea. No idea. What the heck is going on with that. You you win the prize <laugh>, whatever that prize is, you've come on. <Laugh>. That's the sound I

Caller 4 (01:54:36):
Turned off. I turned off. Private relay. I turned that off.

Leo Laporte (01:54:40):
I, yeah, that's another one to try. You don't have any security software installed, I'm sure.

Caller 4 (01:54:46):
No, no, no.

Leo Laporte (01:54:47):
Run. I have no idea. No idea. I have no idea. You, you got me. But keep listening. Maybe somebody listening will know it's a real pleasure to talk to you then. Or Van. Leo Laport, the tech guy. The horn of defeat has been, sounded it.

Caller 4 (01:55:09):
Thank you.

Leo Laporte (01:55:11):
Hey, it's a real pleasure to talk to you. We've talked before, haven't we, van?

Caller 4 (01:55:15):
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We did. Yeah. You, you introduced me to Jerry and s

Leo Laporte (01:55:20):

Caller 4 (01:55:21):
Big photo. Many, many years ago.

Leo Laporte (01:55:23):
Oh yes.

Caller 4 (01:55:24):
And and that changed my life.

Leo Laporte (01:55:27):
Somebody outta sync says in the chat room, call a priest. It's time. Get a young priest and an old priest. Oh yeah. That's it.

Caller 4 (01:55:35):
Like, the most bizarre thing I have ever.

Leo Laporte (01:55:39):
It is really weird. Yeah. It doesn't, doesn't make sense, <laugh>, because you've tried everything that I could think of. And obviously if you had the Yeah. You know, high tier support from Apple, you got somebody smarter than me, or at least has more experience with Apple gear.

Caller 4 (01:55:56):
I, I just got a ping from Micah. Yeah. to keep them posted.

Leo Laporte (01:56:01):
Yeah. Micah would like to know. He's at home listening, which is funny cuz he's, he's got the weekend off. I'm gonna blow the vella of shame.

Caller 4 (01:56:13):
So by the way, I was also a couple years ago, I was on Gibbs kids too. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:56:20):

Caller 4 (01:56:20):

Leo Laporte (01:56:21):
Dick. Were you the celebrity chatroom celebrity of the week?

Caller 4 (01:56:24):
I'm the, I was, I'm the dark looking Greek guy.

Leo Laporte (01:56:27):

Leo Laporte (01:56:29):
Well, I just wanna thank you because you're a very active member of our community and of course you make a big difference by participating in the way you do. I thank you for joining the club. Really great to have you. Thank you

Caller 4 (01:56:42):
For doing all you do, man. I I I my life is just so much better with you.

Leo Laporte (01:56:49):
Yeah, well, thank you. Yeah, it is. I say the same back to you. You're, it really makes a difference to have you in the in the various places

Caller 4 (01:56:58):
In these days. I, one of these days, hopefully in the next, like, before you decide to retire for good.

Leo Laporte (01:57:04):
Oh, that's not gonna happen. I, you know, it's funny, <laugh>, I, I know I've been make, I make noise about that. But this has been, this has been a very good thing for me to do to, to quit the radio show because it's solidified my belief that I really, this is so much fun and I love it so much that I don't ever wanna stop. I'm never gonna give up the microphone until the microphone gives me up, you know, until it makes me stop. So my retirement is, I hope, years away and well only because people stop listening or, you know, I say, or my brain stops working, all of which could happen at any point. But unless they, until they force, you're, take this outta pride. This outta my fingers. I will keep doing it. Cause I like, this is fun. This is not work.

Caller 4 (01:57:51):
Oh, it totally is. I I I've also introduced many people to you and thank you and many people to the, to the community. And especially when it comes to Steve Gibson Security. Now that's gotta be that like that, you know, I've got people, I've got people asking me, Steve Gibson. What? He's still around <laugh>. Yeah. He's got a pod.

Leo Laporte (01:58:12):
People say Leo Laporte's still alive. <Laugh>.

Caller 4 (01:58:18):
It's just like, it's, it's yeah. So I've, I've I've, you know, I've given back. It's just, I I can't, I don't wanna get too much here. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:58:27):
<Laugh>. Aw man.

Caller 4 (01:58:28):

Leo Laporte (01:58:29):
Yeah. Well, I really appreciate it. I thank you for your participation in the community

Caller 4 (01:58:34):
Up the data to what's going on. Cause this is the most bizarre like I've had. That

Leo Laporte (01:58:39):
Is weird.

Caller 4 (01:58:40):
That is weird. I've had, I've had four Macs since 2007. Four four Macintosh in 2007. Wow. I, yeah, this is just bizarre.

Leo Laporte (01:58:50):
You don't buy new ones very often. I've had many more than you in the last 15 years. No, no.

Caller 4 (01:58:55):
Usually about well my 2011, my 2011 17 inch back pro, which is still around, still working.

Leo Laporte (01:59:02):
So you're smart enough not to pour coffee into those, that's the

Caller 4 (01:59:06):
Key. Oh, of course. Yeah. Yeah. I bought, I buy AppleCare

Leo Laporte (01:59:10):
<Laugh> I did this time when I bought the new laptop, I definitely bought AppleCare AppleCare plus I bought the, the max whatever it was, you know, so that in case I poured coffee in it again, at least I get a replacement.

Caller 4 (01:59:22):
I use, I use my stuff professionally. I, when I needed to work, I needed to work. I need to,

Leo Laporte (01:59:27):
So are you professional photographer? Is that what you do van?

Caller 4 (01:59:29):
I am, sir. Nice. And, and I've started doing a little bit of video. I switched all my Nikon gear to mirrorless.

Leo Laporte (01:59:36):
Oh, big change.

Caller 4 (01:59:38):
I, oh yeah, I did that this past summer, let me tell you. Wow. What just

Leo Laporte (01:59:44):
Do you use a the old lenses with an adapter?

Caller 4 (01:59:50):
I've got, I've got one lens left. My 70 to 200, 2.8. Yeah. but oh, sorry, I sound corrected. I also have the 200 400 F four.

Leo Laporte (01:59:59):
Yeah. That's gonna be hard to replace. Yeah, yeah,

Caller 4 (02:00:01):
Yeah. And, and so, but let me tell you, so I got a sub 72 and a Z six two with the vertical grips, the booster packs and all that. Oh, nice. I just, I, I, I did the 24 to 70 s four tomorrow I'm picking up I got my D four back from repair. So I go back to the camera shop, traded in, get some more gear tomorrow.

Leo Laporte (02:00:24):

Caller 4 (02:00:25):

Leo Laporte (02:00:26):

Caller 4 (02:00:26):
And so I remember, I remember Scott born years ago telling you when he went mirrorless, he could shoot more and more like other the older he got. Right. That's exactly true.

Leo Laporte (02:00:37):
Cause lighter he had to, cuz his wrists were dying

Caller 4 (02:00:41):
Big time. I could do this till I'm dead.

Leo Laporte (02:00:43):
Yeah. Yeah. That's how I feel. <Laugh>. nice. You know, it worked out for me because I gave Henry my son the fived Mark four and all the lenses. And that really got him jump started on his video career. So it worked out well. He still uses a lot of those lenses, so that worked out really well. So, hey, a pleasure talking to your van. Thank you again. Happy holidays. Take

Caller 4 (02:01:06):
Care. Talk again. All

Leo Laporte (02:01:07):
Right. Thank you. Take care. Bye-Bye.

Caller 4 (02:01:09):

Leo Laporte (02:01:11):
Why? Hey, hey. How are you today? Leo Laporte here, the tech guy. Yes. Time to take your calls and talk tech at 88 88. Ask Leo. 8, 8, 8 8, 2 7, 5, 5, 3, 6. I'd love to hear from anybody who can help Van figure out why Safari won't save. Well, he's tried everything I could ever think of. But that's the beauty of this show. It's like a user group of the airwaves. Everybody can help, participate, contribute and I bet you, you know, there's very little we can't solve, given you, you and me and the tech guy labs and the, and the IRC dot twit tv, the team tech guy folks. We, we got a bunch of good minds working on any problem. If, you know, 88 88 ley or if you have an idea, you can also look at the show notes, tech guy We put links there. I will put links to everything I could figure out up there. There's a transcript and audio and video of the show after the fact because it's a podcast as well as a radio show. Tech guy Let's see here. Let's go back to the phones. What do you say? And we've got Ellie on the line from Los Angeles. Hi Ellie.

Caller 5 (02:02:29):
Hello. How are you?

Leo Laporte (02:02:30):
I'm well, welcome. How are you?

Caller 5 (02:02:33):
Good. I'm doing good.

Leo Laporte (02:02:34):
Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Happy Black Friday, cyber Monday

Caller 5 (02:02:39):
To you.

Leo Laporte (02:02:40):
Yes. Do you shop on black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Caller 5 (02:02:44):
No. You're smart. No, I used to, but I'm, I'm realizing that everything's inflated so they make it seem like yeah, you're getting a big, a good deal, but then you're not really sure if you are.

Leo Laporte (02:02:57):
I agree. I agree.

Caller 5 (02:02:58):
So, and it's a mad house

Leo Laporte (02:03:00):
And it's crazy. Yeah.

Caller 5 (02:03:02):
Yeah. Congratulations on your semi-retirement <laugh>. I think you can say.

Leo Laporte (02:03:07):
Yeah. Semi semi's a good word. Yeah.

Caller 5 (02:03:11):
Thank you for being on and always trying to help us and, and trying to figure these.

Leo Laporte (02:03:15):
I love, I love doing this. I love doing this. So thank you for listening. I appreciate it.

Caller 5 (02:03:21):

Leo Laporte (02:03:22):
You. Rich. Rich has taken over. When in the new year. Rich Tomorrow from ktla Rich on Tech. Normally he'd actually be joining us next segment, but but we're giving him Thanksgiving off. He should take it while he can. <Laugh>. Yeah,

Caller 5 (02:03:36):
He's gonna be very busy.

Leo Laporte (02:03:37):
He's gonna be very busy in a few weeks. What can I do for you today, Ellie?

Caller 5 (02:03:43):
Okay, well I'm going a bit crazy. I have an old Microsoft, I mean, hp, Microsoft, I guess you can say Computer Windows 10. Yep. And to me it seems like it ran an update and you know, sometimes when it runs an update, it'll shut down and then that's how, you know, something was running and needed to update something and then it starts.

Leo Laporte (02:04:07):
Yeah. Some things it's normal and an update to do that because some things can't be updated while they're running. And so they have to stop all the, the system programs and everything so they can update those. So it's very common when you have a big update to do that.

Caller 5 (02:04:22):
Well, I was working on different things. Like if I'm researching something, I mainly use Chrome. The, the browser Chrome. I'm not very tech savvy. So I'll save the tabs and I'll open a different tab to do something else. So I was working, working on different things. I had some tabs open, but when it came back up, all of my desktop icons were gone. Oh. yeah, everything was gone. When

Leo Laporte (02:04:48):
You open, when you open my documents, do you see your documents?

Caller 5 (02:04:52):
No. I can see some files that don't. 

Leo Laporte (02:04:55):
So here's what happened. This is, this is a common problem particularly with Windows 10. So let me explain what happened and how you could fix it. When you log into a Windows computer, it creates a home profile for you, your home account. And that's why when you first log in, you type LA in your password, and if you looked at where you were on the, on the computer, you'd be looking at users slash le slash home. You'd be in your home directory mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and you're logged into your home account. But it sometimes happens with a Windows 10 update that it, it puts you in a different account, a different profile, or it hides your account. So the first thing to make sure do you have, when you boot into your computer, do you type a password to log in or did you set it up so it does it automatically?

Caller 5 (02:05:50):
Yes, I do type in. Okay, good. 

Leo Laporte (02:05:52):
A password. So you did, you did log into your account, it said your name and your password and everything, right? Yes. Okay. Yeah. So this is, this happens, this is a bug. It's a bad bug, but usually nothing is lost <laugh>. Oh, okay. So here's, here's what, there's various ways to handle this. Do you have another account on your machine? What we'd like is a administrator account. A second account. I think I do. Instead of, you might try logging in using admin instead of using Ellie. Use admin and admin as the password or a blank Password

Caller 5 (02:06:38):
Admin. What do you mean blank

Leo Laporte (02:06:41):
Password? Sometimes the password for admin is admin. Sometimes the password is nothing. So you just type in admin as the user and hit return. And then you could, you could go in there. Okay. This is, this is, it's a very annoying problem. And it used to happen a lot. So there, and the fixes unfortunately are, are, they're multiple fixes. And it depends on exactly what happened. It generally means that your user profile, Ellie, the one you normally log into, got moved and didn't get put back mm-hmm. <Affirmative> after the whole setup was done. So there is a hidden profile on that computer that has all your stuff.

So the fix on this is trying to find it, figure out where it is, and it depends on what it did. So I'm gonna rather than try to talk you through this, cuz there's about 20 different things you can do. Depends on how it happened. But I am gonna put some links in the show notes because there is no, there's no one thing that will always work. But I'm gonna put some links in the show notes to websites with, with walkthroughs, for instance. Ease Us has a very good walkthrough. I, I Googled Windows 10 profile missing and found a whole bunch of, oh no. It, it can't, the worst case it could accidentally have deleted it or corrupted it, more likely corrupted it. But that's very unusual. Mostly, mostly what happens is you got logged into it, moved it to a different id, the system ID or s i d and it's, and you have to now associate that s i d with your login, which is very frustrating and annoying. I'm gonna put a bunch of different stor articles in here. You could take a look at them. The good news is you probably haven't lost anything, Ellie mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. But I can't tell you exactly how to fix this in five easy steps because there's different things that could have happened.

Caller 5 (02:08:55):
One thing I noticed is that when it came back up, it came up as there was a new icon. It shifted my icons, my clock differently than when I had it.

Leo Laporte (02:09:06):
Yeah. It went back to a default setup. Like you had just brand new computer. Yes.

Caller 5 (02:09:10):
I changed the settings on my printer. Exactly.

Leo Laporte (02:09:13):
Yeah. That's, this is what happens. That's that what what happened is in the setup process, it took your profile with all of that stuff, settings, desktop icons, all your data and everything. Moved it to a temporary ID and forgot to put it back. So when you logged in and said, oh, we don't have an Ellie. So it made a fresh, clean profile with all the settings reverted to default

Caller 5 (02:09:39):
Accept it does accept my password and the name password. It

Leo Laporte (02:09:44):
Didn't forget that. It just forgot it. Forgot where your data is. It put it somewhere else. So one way to do this is to look around on the hard drive. It's, it may even be hidden. So you have to turn on the ability to see hidden files. And there will be on the hard drive, a temporary profile, it'll be in the same location, user slash users slash name. And it'll be, but it won't be Ellie, it'll be whate or your login. It'll be something else. And it, it may be hidden. That's why this is complicated. Unfortunately. Yeah,

Caller 5 (02:10:21):
I did find something like that when I clicked on it. There was like a user. Yeah, there was. 

Leo Laporte (02:10:27):
So look in the user's folder. So when I look in my user's folder, I have Leo Lock cuz that's what it turned. Leo Laport into L E O L A. That's my real profile. I have a public one, but that's all I have if you turn. But sometimes it's hidden. So you have to turn on hidden files. Allow yourself to be able to see hidden files that's in the settings. And then look in that user's folder in the C drive and see if there's something else there, there that, whatever else is there is probably you <laugh>. So there are a few things you

Caller 5 (02:10:59):

Leo Laporte (02:11:01):
Yeah, there's a few things you can do. You can copy what's in that back into the EL thing or a little more complicated. You can make that your profile re you know, reconfigure it. It's, it's, it's not a happy thing. This is a bad mistake that Microsoft made. It's one of the reasons I often tell people don't use Windows. I hate to say it.

Caller 5 (02:11:22):
Okay. Oh, one thing it did. It came up as Microsoft's edge and it asking me to sign in. Yeah. It seems like it won't let me go anywhere else. I can't use any other browser. It's asking me to use their browser.

Leo Laporte (02:11:36):
I think it's the default, it reverted to the default, which is, that's how it would be if you just installed a clean Windows 10. So your s i d has been moved. The link I'm gonna put that's probably of most use to you is gonna be from make use And in fact you could Google it if you, if you Google how to recover your lost Windows 10 user profile make use has a good article. It's, it's more from a corrupted profile, but it will also help you find it. Okay. And move it over. You haven't lost it. The other option, if you don't feel competent to do this cuz it's kind of advanced. Thank you Microsoft. I'm shaking my fist at Redmond right now. I'm shaking my fist north. Is to bring it to, you know, somewhere where they're competent <laugh>. And, and you know, if you have a good competent tech person, could, could,

Caller 5 (02:12:35):
I don't even, I wouldn't know where to start to

Leo Laporte (02:12:38):
Find one. I know. Now this is, this is a well known bug. They call it Windows 10 Missing Profile bug. And it's very frustrating. I don't, you know, it's just very annoying.

Caller 5 (02:12:50):
I contacted Microsoft and they did a chat cuz you really can't speak to people now you have to go through live chat. And they told me they did not think it had something to do with Microsoft.

Leo Laporte (02:13:01):
Well, they're wrong. <Laugh>.

Caller 5 (02:13:03):
Yeah. So I asked them if they can help me restore the computer to a certain date to see if all that would come back. Yeah. And we tried it and no, it did not work. Yeah. And then yesterday it updated again on its own and it did the same thing. The few things that I did start on, they are gone again.

Leo Laporte (02:13:25):
I'm gonna give you a couple of things you can do in that case, believe it or not, and this sounds like voodoo, if you restart windows more than six times, sometimes that fixes it. This sounds crazy. There is no, there's no sacrificing of goats. No waving around of chickens. Just restart. Yeah. Shut it down and bring it back six times. For some reason that, that fixes it. This is from Ms power Very good site. There's no official solution from Microsoft except that this is a well known bug. So frustrating.

Caller 5 (02:14:03):
And I also I asked them to show me how to stop the updates so I have them scheduled.

Leo Laporte (02:14:08):
But you don't wanna stop the updates because it's protecting you. This doesn't normally happen.

Caller 5 (02:14:15):
Oh, okay. Well, I still went ahead, even though I scheduled them for December. I know I went ahead and updated.

Leo Laporte (02:14:20):
Yeah. I'm, I'm not mad at, I'm not in any way upset with you. You did nothing wrong. I'm shaking my fist at Redmond, Washington. I like you dopes. How dare you do that to people. Windows is getting worse and worse and worse.

Caller 5 (02:14:38):
Okay, well this computer is about six years old and I think that I've made a decision on what's gonna be next because this is just, it's not fun.

Leo Laporte (02:14:46):
Don't get windows. It's not fun. Windows is designed, honestly, even Microsoft will, in their heart of hearts noses. It's designed for a company that has an IT department that you would then go to the IT department and a guy who has a big key chain on his, on his belt, on one of those, one of those extension cords would come down. He, oh yeah, he'd fix it. He'd go and he'd fix it and you'd go, oh, thank you. That's who it's designed for. Very

Caller 5 (02:15:09):
Old school,

Leo Laporte (02:15:10):
But you are your own IT department. All of a sudden, the burden's on you. I'm shaking my fist at North at Redmond. It's your fault. It's not your fault, it's their fault. This is a known bug. It's a terrible bug. It's very hard to fix. I thought it was gone. We haven't heard, I haven't been getting calls like this for a few years. You got bit by an old bug and I'm so sorry.

Caller 5 (02:15:32):

Leo Laporte (02:15:33):
But I put, I put three different articles in the show notes. Okay. Check those three different articles. Don't listen to anything Microsoft tells you. They're wrong.


I'm sorry. Theor the tech guy. Very frustrating. Very, very frustrating. I don't know what else to say. It's very frustrating. This is my song. I'm a big shot.

I think I'm the tech guy. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, Leo Laporte, the tech guy. 88. 88. Ask Leo. I guess partly it's because, you know, here I am answering tech questions. People call with problems. So I'm gonna get a disproportionate number of people with problems. But <laugh> and, and many, many people use Windows with absolutely no problem. I hear it all the time. I dunno what you're talking about, Leo. I never have a problem. I love Windows. Mostly those are more sophisticated users. Yes. The problem is when there is a problem with Windows, it's usually a mess. Now Microsoft has start, started putting ads in the start menu in the search box as you're using a program. Have you noticed this? You're on Outlook and it'll put a little bar up at the top above it looks, almost looks like a message saying, you know, you'd really like to use Excel.

Why don't you buy it? I don't want, I'm paying for I No, no. I don't want the ads. I'm sorry. I'm just, I'm, I'm a little, I'm a little peeved with Microsoft and I, the people I feel for are normal people who are, don't have an IT department. Rule of thumb has been on, I have said this for years, windows for business. Fine. If you've got an IT department, fine. We use Windows in our business office, our video editors at my podcast company, they all use Windows. That's fine with Adobe Premier. That's their, their their preferred editing platform. Fine.

But that we have an IT person who handles all that stuff. If you're at home, Mac is good. But again, anytime you're using a general purpose computer, you're gonna be more, there'll be more issues. You have to have more expertise cuz a computer designed to do anything can do anything, including things you don't want it to do. So for a lot of people, the best choice is something like a Chromebook from Google. The ChromeOS is designed to be secure and simple and just not break or an iPad, again designed to be simple, secure, much more secure than Windows or Mac and much harder to break. Those are consumer operating systems for people who don't have an IT department. If you, if you wanna use Windows and look, I mean it's the best kind of gaming is Windows gaming. And you know, there's, there's business line of business software you might have to use. There might be good reasons. I'm not saying you don't have good reasons. It might be good reasons to you with Windows, but you now, it's, it's incumbent upon you to become an IT professional and a security expert. You gotta protect yourself. You gotta fix your systems. That's your job now. And if you're willing to do that, get Windows. By all means. By all means. But it's kind of a, I think unnecessarily complicated and it's showing its age. Leo Laporte, the tech guy, more calls right after this.

When did we when did we stop Boogieing? When did that happen? Did People boogie anymore after the bgs? Nobody wanted to boogie anymore, man. When I was a DJ professor Laura, you may experience this yourself. When I was a dj, and this was back in the eighties, late seventies, early eighties we had to play Night Fever, which the number one album coast to coast for it seemed like years it was going on for. We had to play every one of those songs over and over and over. And that's when I stopped booking. Exactly right. Irv in Los Angeles is next. Hi, Irv. Leo Laport, the tech guy. Hello Irv.

Caller 6 (02:20:19):
Yes, Leo, thank you for taking my call and for all of the good stuff you've done over the years, it's much appreciated.

Leo Laporte (02:20:26):
Oh, thank you so much, sir. I appreciate it.

Caller 6 (02:20:29):
I used to work on computers a few years back, 1960s when Oh, when they were made by a company called univac. Yeah. And onboard Navy ships. But let's not go there. I

Leo Laporte (02:20:42):
<Laugh> that's when working on computers involved a soldering iron.

Caller 6 (02:20:45):
Yes, sir.

Leo Laporte (02:20:46):

Caller 6 (02:20:48):
Yes sir.

Leo Laporte (02:20:49):
What can I do for you in this modern age?

Caller 6 (02:20:52):
Yes, in the modern age. I, I live here in the mountains outside of Frazier Park. I have a Hughes net link up on the roof and I'm kinda up on the roof for my internet service. And in the house here I have a Dell plex you know, the standard little desktop

Leo Laporte (02:21:11):
Computer system.

Caller 6 (02:21:11):
Yep. And I do all my internet surfing and buying on eBay and all that stuff from in the house.

Leo Laporte (02:21:17):
Can you believe how computing has changed in 60 years?

Caller 6 (02:21:21):
It's amazing. It, it is absolutely mind blowing. Amazing for somebody like me. I'm, I'm way up in my seventies now, but yeah, I worked on the discreet component computers Wow. Back in the late sixties core memory 16 kilobytes of core memory

Leo Laporte (02:21:41):
<Laugh>. And you felt rich too. Wow.

Caller 6 (02:21:44):
No, I didn't. It was for the US Navy.

Leo Laporte (02:21:46):
We got 16 K baby. Yeah, there you go. <Laugh> Uncle Sam is spending

Caller 6 (02:21:51):
Yeah. The, the operating system of that, of that navy system that I was working on was actually resident on half inch magnetic tape. Wow. When, when we were out online in like off the coast of Vietnam, those those half inch magnetic tapes, they never stopped running. Wow.

Leo Laporte (02:22:11):
Well, first of all, thank you for your service. No, you're welcome. And that must have been an experience to work on a ship on these devices. Were they, were they a little finicky because of the, the salt weather and the rocking back and and forth? Or did they handle it well,

Caller 6 (02:22:27):
They handled it extremely well. The, the, the boredom of not having anything to do about killed all of us

Leo Laporte (02:22:36):
<Laugh>. It's too reliable.

Caller 6 (02:22:38):
It was exceedingly reliable. Wow.

Leo Laporte (02:22:40):
Well that's good.

Caller 6 (02:22:41):
And assault and didn't bother, didn't phase any of

Leo Laporte (02:22:46):
It. That's very cool. So you wanna, what do you wanna do? You're using your plex. It's on the Hughes satellite. What, what can I do to help you get, get something done here?

Caller 6 (02:22:55):
Here's what I wanna do outside of the house, about a hundred feet away, I have a steel framed building with steel walls. And the same for the roof. Radio signals do not go through the steel

Leo Laporte (02:23:11):
Wall. You got a little faraday cage out there. Yeah,

Caller 6 (02:23:14):
Yeah. Do you have be able to do the same thing out there in that building, perhaps with a second Dell plex? I wanna be able to get online, do the same thing I do here in the house. Yeah. And also do zoom meetings from inside the steel building. I can only think of two ways to do it. Either an overhead or a buried cat five landline or perhaps some sort of a radio link that I'm not familiar with. A small antenna fashion to the outside wall of the house. All,

Leo Laporte (02:23:50):

Caller 6 (02:23:50):
Of these would work. Electronics to go with it.

Leo Laporte (02:23:52):
Let me ask you a question though. Are you on the same power grid out in the on the outside building as you are on the inside

Caller 6 (02:23:59):
The same power grid?

Leo Laporte (02:24:00):
Do you get, do you have electric?

Caller 6 (02:24:01):
I am the same electric meter and everything. Yeah. Yeah. That would be correct.

Leo Laporte (02:24:04):
So the easiest way to do this is something we call power line networking that rides on top of the electrical grid. Now because of your training, you're immediately gonna say, well, that's never gonna work. But they have figured out ways with, with notch filters and so forth to be able to have that data ride on the same lines that the power rides on. And and it's fairly inexpensive. Of course it's not as fast as ethernet. So this is gonna be the issue with zoom. Zoom wants about 10 megabits down or I'm sorry, 10 megabits up and probably 10 down as well. So it's gonna be right at the edge of what that hu can do, but it's worth the try cuz power line's pretty inexpensive. I tried this years ago and it was awful. But this is version two and it's gotten much better. I recommend a company called TP Link for this.

Caller 6 (02:24:57):

Leo Laporte (02:24:58):
Again, TP like toilet paper link. Okay.

Caller 6 (02:25:01):
TP link.

Leo Laporte (02:25:02):
TP link. And what you're gonna need two devices. You're gonna have one in the main house that, that is connected to the router. If you have a spare ethernet cable plugging into the TP link, and then that's gonna plug into the wall. And then in effect it's gonna turn that power line that's going out to the outbuilding into an ethernet connection. And then on the other end plugged into the wall. And as long as they're on the same grid, same one box and all that stuff, they don't have to go through a junction. That data's gonna go right through to the second one that turns it back into ethernet, which you could then plug into the second plex out there. Huh. That's the easiest way to do it. Because you already have the wiring. If it's not fast enough, then you're really gonna just have to string some ethernet, either trench or, or run ethernet wire over the building.

Radio could work. You'd have to punch a hole in the metal, have an antenna sticking out the hole, that kind of thing. There are ways to do it. If if you're still interested in that, there's a site that helps you do better wifi called Radio Labs. You'll like this site anyway. Anyway, cuz it's designed for people like us. Old old school geeks. Radio Radio radio They sell high power wifi so you can take an antenna. In fact, if on their front page you got a picture of a corrugated metal building with an antenna on the roof, and that'll, because it's directional, if you have a directional antenna on both ends, you can actually go miles that way. So there are ways to do that. But I would first, the TP link is a, is probably less than 60 bucks for the tube.

And that's the first and easiest thing to do. The only issue will be if you don't get enough bandwidth out of that, it might not be great for Zoom. The next, the next best thing, as I said would be string ethernet. That's problematic. You're gonna have to use a Bain probably on Ether end because the ethernet is not designed to go that far. So there's things you can do to make that work. You know, kind of retransmit because you, because you have your, of your background, I think you're not gonna have too much trouble figuring that out. And then if you want to go wireless, has all the stuff you would need, you'd wanna set up a point to point wifi connection and that would probably be fast enough. But because it's a, you know, you can't put the antenna inside the metal, you know that you have to have it outside.

Caller 6 (02:27:25):
Well that's why I mentioned the metal building and the metal walls and metal roof. Cause I, I know you can't get radio signals

Leo Laporte (02:27:31):
Back. Yeah, no. There's a fairday cage. It's gonna block it. I think your best bet is to try using the the power grid and just to see if that's fast enough. It will certainly be fast enough to surf. Do you email? It's the zoom. It's gonna be a little challenging cuz as you know, zoom, those data packets have to arrive in real time. You can't lose packets, you can't have slow packets. You gotta keep everything all together. Zoom's pretty tolerant. It does pretty well. In fact, it's Hughes is not ideal. Satellite is not ideal for Zoom. If you're satisfied with that Zoom, I got a picture here from Wikipedia of your, of your Naval tactical data system.

Caller 6 (02:28:06):

Leo Laporte (02:28:06):
It. Running in a it's a mockup of a shipboard cic, which is probably where you worked with Caped. That's exactly right. Yep. I could just see, I think that's you right there at the desk there, <laugh>. Hey, it's a pleasure talking to you again. Thank you for, for your service. That must have been Harry, but I really grateful that you survived and you did well and and, and you helped our country. So I appreciate it. Well,

Caller 6 (02:28:28):
You're quite welcome. And thank you for what you do here and for helping me out just now. You had every answer I had hoped to

Leo Laporte (02:28:35):
Get. There you go, Irv. All right, thanks a lot. Bless you. Take care. Leo Laport, the tech guy. The GWiz coming up next.

What is that for the Bino? Are those binoculars? What is he doing with that? Probably this is a mockup. So probably that's the rail of the ship supposedly. Right. And this is, this is the guy in the radio, radio shack or something. And so that's looking out the window. This is a, this is the outside and then this, it's, yeah, this is a mockup. So it's obviously not a real, a real thing. Isn't that cool? That's what he worked on. I think these are radar, right? A bunch of radar screens. Wild, wild. We've come a long way. Yeah. Moka, I didn't wanna get into the mocha thing. If he had cable, he could use Mocha <laugh>, <laugh> Leo for the tech guy we got Robin, Maurice, and Barry. And Dick. D Bartolo. MAD's Mattis writer. Hello, Dickie D Leo. How you doing, pal? I am well.

Is that a slinky you were playing with? What was that? You know what do, are you a fidget person? Do you play with fidgets? Yeah, I got a fidget drawer over here full of fidgeting things. I had to put them away because if I have 'em in front of me during the radio show and go, you see all these things going and wn and so I have to put 'em away. Yes. Well, I have two fidget suggestions today. Well, people still use those. I mean, kids were using the spinners for a long time. Right? Oh my gosh. You know what? I, I am not a fidget person Out of these two kits, I have six of them on my desk that I cannot stop playing with. Make you a fidget person. Yes. I was just gonna say, I am now a fidget addict. <Laugh>

No choice of my own. That's, that's the problem with these fidget spinners and all this stuff. They turn you into a fidget. No, they do. They do. Yes. So the first one is very clever. It's the fidget advent calendar. Oh, wait a minute. Okay. Where? Here we go. December 1st is coming. Yes. Every day of the week you punch out the little door. I mean, when I was a kid, you peeled it back and there was a picture of a bird. Yeah, that's it. You know. Right. And the last day was Santa. Yeah, exactly. You know, there's, they put all sorts of stuff. I got my son a hot sauce advent calendar a couple of years ago. Every day. A new hot sauce and a little teeny bottle. Oh my gosh. So this is a different fidget spinner. 25 different fidget spinners.

Johnny Jet (02:31:28):
Tw 25 different fidget things. You know, there's like a, a star that's a spring. There's a little race car. There's a pop Christmas tree, A pop Santa

Leo Laporte (02:31:39):
Claus. Oh, mg

Johnny Jet (02:31:41):
Wow. Yeah, exactly. Wow. And I, I sent three out gifts at 20 bucks each, which I thought that is such an inexpensive holiday gift. I go on Amazon now to check before the show. It's dropped down to $17. There's also a 20% off coupon there. Are

Leo Laporte (02:32:03):
You talking about the, the Leno Rad?

Johnny Jet (02:32:06):
Yes. Yes.

Leo Laporte (02:32:08):
And by the way, Leno Rad is Darnell spelled backwards.

Johnny Jet (02:32:13):
Oh my gosh.

Leo Laporte (02:32:14):
<Laugh>. Now we know. I

Johnny Jet (02:32:15):
Thought only I knew that <laugh>.

Leo Laporte (02:32:18):
I always, when I'm looking at these weird names, I'm thinking, well, does it spell something backwards? In this case it does, but nothing. Oh,

Johnny Jet (02:32:23):
I thought you had a mirror.

Leo Laporte (02:32:24):
No, <laugh>. So this is cool. I like this.

Johnny Jet (02:32:29):
Mic had just tweeted that he just bought one.

Leo Laporte (02:32:32):
Oh yeah, of course. Now

Johnny Jet (02:32:33):
If you're too late for the holiday and you just like fidgets. Yeah, there's something called lucky. And that's 28 digits in a box, which I paid $10 for and I believe now it's $7. The thing in that that I love is it has a little, they call it a virtual timer or something. It's like the old lava lamps. Oh. Where you turn it over and the different liquids.

Leo Laporte (02:33:03):
Oh, that's

Johnny Jet (02:33:04):
Kinda cool. Slowly move on them. I like that. It's great. Yeah. I like the little remote control that controls nothing, but it has a little rolling knob switches makes noise. And then there's something called the cube snake where it has little strings inside so it can only bend one way. And since I bought the kit, I've spent maybe 20 hours trying to fit it so it can go back in the box. But I dunno how that

Leo Laporte (02:33:35):
Happens. There's a video on YouTube of Dick playing with his fidgets. Is this, is this the one that's the advent

Johnny Jet (02:33:42):
Calendar? First? That that's the one, yes. And at the you know, to spoil a surprise at the end of the spot, I just ripped the top off the box.

Leo Laporte (02:33:49):
No dick. Now

Johnny Jet (02:33:50):
That's like, it's Well no, I mean, so people would know if they're giving it to a kid and just be aware there are some very tiny toys. And

Leo Laporte (02:33:58):
Don't give it to a small child.

Johnny Jet (02:34:00):
To a very small child. Yeah. But

Leo Laporte (02:34:02):
The this would be good for an 10 year old. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz they're fidgety. They're

Johnny Jet (02:34:07):
Fidgety. They're fidgety stuff. Yeah. And, and really economical <laugh> holidays.

Leo Laporte (02:34:12):
A great way to fidget for less. Yeah, I like that box. That's kind of cute. Yeah, this is

Johnny Jet (02:34:18):
Cool. Yeah. And there's a little, there's a little ball bearing in there. So you, your idea is to, you know, get it through the maze. Wow. there's a Walking Santa Claus. Wow.

Leo Laporte (02:34:29):
It's very, I thought that was a big, wasn't that a fad? The fidgets. That was a fad for a while. And I, I, you don't hear anything more about it, but in that period, I got a bunch of these little fidget things, but now I can't use 'em. We had, I think it was Scott Wilkinson was on, was it Scott John? He was on last year. And we kept hearing this <laugh> and we thought it was us. We were, we were testing the microphone figure finally he revealed, oh yeah, no, I have this fidget thing I'm playing with <laugh>.

Johnny Jet (02:34:59):
Oh my gosh. Oh,

Leo Laporte (02:35:00):
My squeak was trying mean

Johnny Jet (02:35:02):

Leo Laporte (02:35:04):
Oh my God. No fidgeting on the radio. Anyway, cool. Giz go to, okay, here's Dick's website. Gi Gic Z W I Z dot Bic. Now once you get there, there are a couple things. A lot of things, it's kind of a fun site. In fact, it's a fidget site of its very own <laugh>. I mean, there's stuff you can That's true. It is, isn't it? It's a kind of a, one of those fun sites, like websites used to be click the start by going to the GWiz visits the tech guy button there. It's on the right. There is a picture of my head. And there's all of the things he's ever mentioned on the show, including this fidget stuff. But there's other buttons. There's the GI GWiz at the World News now, ABC's World News Now Show and all the stuff you show every month, you go on there, right. And show stuff. Yep,

Johnny Jet (02:35:51):

Leo Laporte (02:35:51):
Yep. There's also the, what the heck is it? Contest A chance to figure out what this is. If you do, you're in the running for autograph copies of Mad Magazine. You don't even have to be Right. There's more copies for the wrong answer if they're funny. But all the details are on the website there. There's lots of other stuff. Dick's Blog and Law Gizmos, a hoi boating gadgets. Dick's an avid boater. The GWiz garb, it's patson things that light up Mad Collectibles. 50 plus years at Mad Magazine is one of the usual cast of idiots. Gang of idiots. And also match game memorabilia. Dick was one of the guys who saved the Match Game, wrote all those dumb Dora and dumb Donald questions. How many years did you do that?

Johnny Jet (02:36:42):

Leo Laporte (02:36:42):
Wow. Almost. I've been the tech guy.

Johnny Jet (02:36:46):
Yeah. When the show was in LA there were four other writers and I, because I wouldn't move out. So I stayed in New York, but the New York version, seven years, it was, can I

Leo Laporte (02:36:55):
Just say that the goods, Goodson Toddman Match game out of New York was the best match game. And now you know why? Cuz this guy was writing all the jokes. <Laugh>, gene Rayburn and Peggy Cas. Who was, who was, who was in the cast there, all those great be

Johnny Jet (02:37:10):
Oh, Orson Bean.

Leo Laporte (02:37:11):
Orson Bean.

Johnny Jet (02:37:13):
Occasionally. Yeah. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:37:15):
To tell that truth. I was just gonna say Kitty was a riot. She was grateful. A lot of it's funny now nobody knows these names. No one knows. No, no. But they, and even they, no one knows Mad <laugh>. Let's not rub it in here. But even then they were kind of celebrities from a different era, let's put it that way. Old movie star types and things like that. Yes, exactly. Exactly. But they were great. And, and it introduced me to a whole, you know, whole culture of stuff. Dick does a great podcast every week with Chad Johnson. It's at if you like. Gizmos and Gadgets. That's great. And we got a few more episodes. You can come by and visit us. I will do that. And I'm trying to plug one thing Dick d tv. I'm trying to build my own YouTube channel.

Oh, awesome. You should, you put a lot of stuff on YouTube. Yeah. Dick. D d i c k D tv. Yeah. Dick D There's an E at the end. Yeah. Yeah. So some might say Dick duh, but I wouldn't, not me. No, you would not. Dick d not people who know me. Yeah, there it is. Dick Awesome. Good idea. Dick. Thank you sir. Thank you. Thank you for joining us. Okay, buddy. Have a great week. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks everybody for being here. I love doing this show and I'm glad you could be with me doing it. Thanks to Professor Laura, our musical director and Kim Shaffer, the phone. Angel. Thanks to all of you who called. Thanks to all of you who listen, wouldn't be able to do it without you. Leo Laport, I'm your tech guy on the radio for a few more weeks. Have a great geek week. Bye-Bye.

Well, that's it for the Tech Guy Show for today. Thank you so much for being here. And don't forget twi, T w I t. It stands for this week at Tech and you find, including the podcasts for the show. We talk about Windows and Windows Weekly, Macintosh, a Mac Break, weekly iPads, iPhones, apple Watches on iOS today. Security and Security. I mean, I can go on and on. And of course, the big show every Sunday afternoon this week in tech. You'll find it and I'll be back next week with another great tech guys show. Thanks for joining me. We'll see you next time.

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