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Unpacking Apple's Latest

Join Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, and guests Doc Rock and Mikah Sargent on MacBreak Weekly as they dissect Apple's recent iPad-focused event, including the intriguing new 13-inch iPad Pro. Check out their detailed discussion of what these updates mean for users and developers alike. For a deeper analysis and more tech talk, make sure to download and subscribe to catch all the insights. Catch the full episode here!

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Dive into a new week of groundbreaking updates and reviews in our network's latest episodes:

  1. Untitled Linux Show 151: Smarter Dumb Terminal
    Jonathan Bennett and co-hosts explore the latest from Nvidia, AI enhancements in RHEL, and pivotal moments in open source.
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  2. Hands-On Mac 132: Understanding Focus Modes on macOS
    Mikah Sargent explains how to set up and adjust Focus Modes to streamline your workflow on macOS.
    Watch Now
  3. Hands-On Windows 90: What About Windows 10?
    Paul Thurrott discusses alternatives for those not keen on Windows 11, including ChromeOS, Linux, and the enduring appeal of Windows 10.
    Watch Now
  4. Home Theater Geeks 432: Sony 2024 TV Lineup
    Discover what's next in home cinema from Sony's latest offerings.
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  5. iOS Today 702: Apple's May 2024 iPad Event
    Dive into the latest iPad Air with M2, iPad Pro with M4, and the new Apple Pencil Pro.
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