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TWiT & Good Morning America's "40 for 40"

Good Morning America logoWe are thrilled to announce that TWiT will be a part of "40 for 40," which is Good Morning America's 40-hour marathon event to celebrate its 40th anniversary. This 40-hour broadcast will begin on Tuesday, November 17th at 2PM Pacific on the ABC News website.

On Wednesday, November 18th, from 10PM to 11PM Pacific, Becky Worley will be broadcasting live from the TWiT Brick House Studios in Petaluma, CA as part of this event. Our very own Leo Laporte will be joining Becky as a special guest co-host, along with additional guests (to be announced).

This hour-long portion of the marathon will be simulcast on both the ABC News website and on TWiT’s live stream; We will later release this hour for download and on-demand streaming as a TWiT Live Special.

Stay tuned! We will have more details soon.


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