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Start-Time for This Week in Tech Changes

TWiT Time Change

Starting Sunday, March 10, 2019, and from this point forward, we'll begin the live recording of TWiT at 2:15 pm Pacific Time. Leo wants to get the show started soon after The Tech Guy radio show ends at 2 pm instead of waiting until 3 pm. So reset your calendar notifications back 45 minutes, tell your TWiT friends, and join us in the chat room or Live Stream. Also, remember to subscribe to the show so it will automatically show up in your favorite podcatcher and on the Spotify and Pandora apps.

Also, Daylight Savings Time starts at 2 am on the morning of March 10th in the U.S. This means that Pacific Time will "Springs Forward" one hour. Those of you on GMT or in other parts of the world will need to adjust your viewing times accordingly. You can always reference our production schedule at

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