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Gear Up for a Refreshing Club TWiT Experience!

Club TWiT Concept Art

Hey, TWiT fans! We've got some electrifying updates and a special invitation just for you. We know our journey's had its twists and turns. While our initial leap into the world of memberships had its hurdles, we're back, recharged, and revamping our strategy. Club TWiT isn't just surviving; it's evolving, and it's all thanks to your incredible support.

Remember, your monthly subscription isn't just a pass to ad-free content; it's your ticket to an exclusive world where tech comes alive in the most personal and engaging ways. For a mere $7 a month, here's a sneak peek at what you get in Club TWiT:

Zero Ads, Pure Tech: Choose from any TWiT podcast and enjoy uninterrupted tech talk.

Members-Only Video Feeds: Dive into our exclusive video podcasts like Hands-On Tech, Home Theater Geeks, and more!

TWiT+ Bonus Feed: Catch behind-the-scenes action, outtakes, and special content from our hosts.

Interactive Discord Access: Chat with hosts, join live show recordings, and participate in special events.

As we pivot back to a monthly-only model, we're thrilled to make Club TWiT more accessible while maintaining the quality content you love. We're counting on you, our tech family, to spread the word. Tell your friends, colleagues, and even your neighborhood barista about us!

Club TWiT isn't just a subscription; it's a community. Let's make this network soar together. Join Here!

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