TWiT Photo

Feb 1st 2012

TWiT Photo 42

Rockstars. Presidents. NFL. BIG event Photographer David Bergman

Sports & music photographer and GigaPan pioneer demos post-processing and discusses his supercool gigs.
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
The question on everyone’s mind must be: what hasn’t David Bergman done? With 11 covers for Sports Illustrated, including the coveted 2010 Super Bowl, and his distinction as official tour photographer for Bon Jovi, David gets a lot of game. He joins us live in the TWiT studio to discuss his now-famous GigaPan shot of Obama’s inauguration and shows viewers how he processes 600 frames of a GigaPan shot in a live software demo. Also, the music geek shares inside secrets on being a successful music tour photographer, and you won’t want to miss the moment he shocks Leo and Catherine with his gigantic, $10G+ bazooka 600mm F4 Nikon lens. Guest: David Bergman Don’t miss a chance to watch or listen to your favorite photographers – download and subscribe to TWiT Photo podcast on iTunes for free. David's Tips 1. Visualize the photo you want to make. 2. Shoot details. 3. Learn how to light a portrait. LINKS David's Website David's Twitter David's Facebook David's GigaPan Follow Catherine on Twitter. You can also check out her blog here. Download or subscribe to this show at Thanks to Cachefly for providing the bandwidth for this podcast.