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Oct 6th 2016

TWiT News 308

Oculus Connect 3: The Future of VR

Hosted by Jason Howell
Hands on with Oculus Touch, wizard battles, and immersive storytelling.
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Oculus Connect brings together VR developers and creators, and TWiT sent their own VR enthusiast, Jason Howell, host of Tech News Today, All About Android, and Android App Arena, to cover the event. Jason had a chance to speak with the creator of Unspoken, a fantasy game with wizards and spells, as well as the genius behind the super fun game, Superhot. He demoed the award-winning spy game I Expect You to Die, a James Bond-inspired puzzle game, in addition to the very zen-like game Luna. Jason also had a chance to speak with a former Pixar employee, Tom Sanocki, about his new venture into real-time VR animation editing.

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