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Jan 10th 2020

TWiT Events 5

CES 2020 - On the Floor Part 2

Hosted by Leo Laporte, Ant Pruitt

Ant & Leo's Excellent CES Adventure: TVs with Scott Wilkinson

Guests: Scott Wilkinson
Category: News

Ant Pruitt & Leo Laporte's Excellent CES Adventure continues:

  • Canon's EOS 1DX Mark III an EOS M200
  • Latest TVs from LG, TCL, Hisense, Tonka, and Samsung
  • Sony's eye-sensing light field display and VISION-S prototype EV
  • LG's Indoor Gardening Home Appliance
  • Samsung's NEON Artificial Humans
  • Delta's Sarcos Guardian XO exoskeleton
  • SmartyKit's DIY Apple I no-solder replica kit
  • Fresco's 'Keurig' for Olive Oil, the EVA mini

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