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Sep 14th 2023

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Podcast Movement 2023: It Pays to Podcast

How TWiT launched Club TWiT with Memberful

Category: News

At Podcast Movement 2023, Jen Matichuk of Memberful and Lisa Laporte of give creators an inside look at how the long-running tech podcast network TWiT grew its community and revenue by partnering with Memberful.

  • Lisa goes into the hesitations and benefits of launching a paid membership for an established podcast network and how losing 60% of advertisers in the pandemic led TWiT to try subscriptions to diversify revenue
  • Launching simply with ad-free content and a Discord community avoids disrupting their ad-supported audience and starting with 1-2 membership tiers, focusing on delivering promised perks before expanding offerings
  • She shares how their community loves interacting with hosts in Discord, getting ad-free shows, and supporting TWiT's growth
  • TWiT also promotes Club TWiT organically in show ads, social posts, newsletters - without overwhelming non-members

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