Tech Break

Jul 21st 2018

Tech Break 5124

Testing the i9 MacBook Pro (2018) for Throttling and Heat Issues

2018 MacBook Pro throttled, Blackmagic eGPU.
Guests: Mike Wuerthele
Category: TWiT Bits

On The New Screen Savers, Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton push the new Core i9 Intel chip in the 2018 15" MacBook Pro to see if we get the full benefit of the 4.8GHz processor. As a result, the laptop gets very hot and throttles the CPU. We also attach the external Blackmagic eGPU from Blackmagic to see if this changes the thermals of the laptop. Also, Mike Wuerthele from AppleInsider joins to talk about what they've found in their own tests.

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