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Aug 29th 2017

Tech Break 4343

CIA Uses "Software Upgrade" to Spy on FBI, HSA, NSA

CIA Plants Trojan in FBI, HSA, NSA
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WikiLeaks latest Vault 7 details the CIA's 'spy versus spy' Trojan. If we are to believe the recently leaked so-called "ExpressLane documents" as part of Wikileaks ongoing Vault 7 document dump, it appears that the CIA embedded it own Trojan into an inter-agency biometrics collection system installed at 'liaison services' and intelligence gathering partners including the NSA, Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI. Again, if these documents are to be believed, the CIA didn't trust its security service partners to share biometric information with it, so it created a bogus software upgrade to steal the data. This data-stealing Trojan was created as part of a CIA project called ExpressLane, a piece of software installed by CIA Office of Technical Service -- the OTS -- under the guise of upgrading the CIA's biometric collection system.

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