Tech Break

Jun 6th 2017

Tech Break 4089

iOS 11 for iPad and iPhone

macOS High Sierra, iOS 11.
Category: TWiT Bits

Megan Morrone and Jason Howell discuss The Apple Watch, the iPhone and the iPad. macOS and iOS will get some new and exciting features this Fall and today if you're a developer. For Apple Watch, you'll get a smarter Siri reminding you of things it thinks you might want to know, a long awaited flashlight and some improved fitness features. If you've wanted to do other workouts besides walking, running, biking, or swimming, you're in luck. iOS on your iPhone will include a do not disturb while driving tool that will automatically turn on when your car connects to bluetooth. Your phone will automatically send a text response that says you're driving and people can reply Urgent to come through. You can turn it off if you're a passenger. iOS 11 on the iPad includes drag and drop, searchable handwriting in the Notes app, and some great multitasking features. Plus a new file system that makes the iPad more like the Mac.

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