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Apr 18th 2017

Tech Break 3936

EFF Takes on Student Spying

The EFF's report on how cloud services spy on students.
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Megan Morrone and Jason Howell talk to Amul Kalia, one of the authors of a recent Electronic Frontier Foundation report on how cloud services spy on students. According to the new report by The EFF, schools are collecting and storing kids’ names, birth dates, browsing histories, location data, and more without proper privacy protections. Last week a Republican congressman got a lot of heat for saying, in reference to privacy changes, that nobody had to use the Internet. Not only do most students in public schools have to use the internet, they also have to sign up for cloud services. More and more students are getting school issued laptops and tablets and are being required to sign up for services like G Suite for Education. The EFF talked to students, parents, and educators to find out their concerns and how to face them.

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