Tech Break

Aug 11th 2016

Tech Break 2923

Microsoft Gives Away the Golden Key

Microsoft has leaked the key to its Secure Boot system.
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Megan Morrone and Jason Howell discuss the golden key to Microsoft's Secure Boot system. When a secure golden key exists, problems can arise. This has been at the core of the discussion around the idea of creating backdoors into secure systems for access by the feds when needed. If it exists, it might see the light of day in unintended ways, and then what? Driving this point home is Microsoft. The key to its Secure Boot system that protects Windows devices has been leaked by none other than Microsoft, giving a would be attacker direct access to protected devices the ability to bypass Secure Boot and make changes under to hood. This includes running a new OS, or worse yet, running bootkits or rootkits on the device.

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