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Aug 18th 2015

Tech Break 1540

Google Announces OnHub Router: Tech News Today 1326

Google's new router 'On-Hub' is announced.
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Google introduced a new $200 router product called the OnHub. It's designed for the "internet of things" era. The device is designed to automatic configuration and device prioritization. Part of the reason is ease of use. But another part is to make sure home automation products like security cameras, smart thermostats and smart toasters have IP when they need it, without having to compete blindly with other devices. The device will be managed from a smartphone app, which will be available on Android and iOS. Unexpectedly, OnHub will remain part of Google after the Alphabet split, rather than existing in the Nest subsidiary. Google is working with China-based company called TP-Link to make the device. OnHub pre-orders begin this week, with products shipping at some unspecified date in the future.

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