Tech Break

May 13th 2015

Tech Break 1159

Facebook Introduces Instant Articles: Tech News Today 1258

Instant Articles lets publishers host content on Facebook itself.
Guests: Mike Elgan
Category: TWiT Bits
Facebook today launched a new feature called "Instant Articles." It enables a select few publishers to host content on Facebook itself. The content can include articles, videos or sounds. When users click on the articles on Facebook, it appears instantly because it doesn't have to wait for a browser to load. Articles reflect the typefaces and designs of the publisher's sites, not Facebook. Content providers include The New York Times, The Atlantic, NBC, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, BBC News and Germany's Spiegel and Bild. So far, the feature works only on the iOS platform. For the full episode, go to Bandwidth for TWiT Bits is provided by Cachefly.