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Jul 10th 2024

This Week in Google 776

The Geese of God

Fusion Dealys, Esports World Cup, NGL Ban

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Guests: Molly White
Category: News
  • ‘We’re Living in a Nightmare:’ Inside the Health Crisis of a Texas Bitcoin Town
  • Google Is No Longer Claiming to Be Carbon Neutral
  • ITER fusion reactor to see further delays, with operations pushed to 2034
  • AI-Driven Behavior Change Could Transform Health Care
  • Google brings new Gemini features and Wear OS 5 to Samsung devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra hands-on: ultra déjà vu
  • Galaxy Z Fold 6 launches for $1,899 with wider displays
  • Esports World Cup: Riyadh Offers Bigger Prize Than PGA
  • Twilio says hackers identified cell phone numbers of two-factor app Authy users
  • 2024 Zero-Click Search Study: For every 1,000 EU Google Searches, only 374 clicks go to the Open Web. In the US, it’s 360.
  • FTC bans anonymous messaging app NGL from hosting children
  • Temu Breaks With Direct-From-China Strategy In Threat to Amazon
  • A new Illinois law will force influencer parents to compensate their children for appearing in social media content
  • Llama.ttf: A font which is also an LLM
  • Cutting Board Designer

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