This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Jan 17th 2024

This Week in Google 751

The NUMTOT With a Top Knot

Google Layoffs, Verizon Fees, AI Boyfriends

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Guests: Glenn Fleishman
Category: News
  • Is A.I. the Death of I.P.?
  • Samsung Unpacked recap
  • Google Is Laying Off Hundreds of Workers in Its Voice Assistant, AR Teams
  • Google Formally Endorses Right to Repair, Will Lobby to Pass Repair Laws
  • Google Maps now supports Bluetooth beacons in tunnels
  • Apple revises US App Store rules to let developers link to outside payment methods, feat a scary message!
  • Jeff's op-ed proposing that Bell Labs be turned into a Museum and School of the Internet
  • Peacock's AFC Wild Card game was the "most-streamed event ever in the US."
  • Verizon To Keep Charging Controversial Fee Despite $100 Million Settlement
  • Tom Coates on Meta and the Fediverse
  • Fox puts its stuff on the blockchain
  • Functions Google is killing in Assistant
  • Google quietly updates Chrome’s incognito warning in wake of tracking lawsuit
  • Google updates Chrome Incognito disclaimer amid $5 billion lawsuit settlement
  • Google introduces ‘Circle to Search,’ a new way to search from anywhere on Android using gestures
  • GPT Store opens
  • Glenn's thing: How Infrastructure Works
  • Paris's thing: 1990s internet directories
  • Jeff's Thing:  swarovski's world-first AI binoculars that identify species on their own

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