This Week in Google with Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Paris Martineau

Jan 10th 2024

This Week in Google 750

The Right to Read

Athelas' Troubles, Free Tax-Filing, Walmart AI

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Guests: Cathy Gellis
Category: News
  • Paris' big story: A Healthtech Unicorn Leaves a Trail of Clinic Complaints, Concerns Over Billing Practices
  • The Information's 10th Anniversary
  • Plagiarism Is Fine
  • OpenAI's response to the NYT lawsuit
  • Fair Use, The Internet Archive, And Why We Bother To Have Copyright Law At All
  • Gaming voice actors blindsided by 'garbage' union AI deal
  • Asus’ new laptop has two screens and a removable keyboard
  • I.R.S. to Begin Trial of Its Own Free Tax-Filing System
  • EFF Unveils Its New Street Level Surveillance Hub
  • FTC bans X-Mode from selling phone location data, and orders firm to delete collected data | TechCrunch
  • Rabbit R1 AI Assistant: Price, Specs, Release Date
  • Layoffs at Humane AI
  • Walmart debuts generative AI search and AI replenishment features at CES
  • Volkswagen says it’s putting ChatGPT in its cars for ‘enriching conversations’
  • We Need To Talk About “Chunkus”
  • This Week in Tunnels (Brooklyn edition) 

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