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Mar 9th 2022

This Week in Google 654

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Twitter's TOR Onion service, Google buying Mandiant, Endurance discovery
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Category: News
  • Demand for VPNs in Russia, Ukraine leaps as internet control tightens.
  • ICANN won’t revoke Russian Internet domains, says effect would be “devastating”.
  • Where is our moral line in Ukraine?
  • Volunteer Hackers Converge on Ukraine Conflict With No One in Charge.
  • ‘Contagious Courage’: Why a Silicon Valley Exec Went Back to Ukraine.
  • Nukemap.
  • Police officers in Moscow today are stopping people, demanding to see their phones, READING THEIR MESSAGES, and refusing to release them if they refuse.
  • Twitter launches Tor Onion service for Russia.
  • Cloudflare, CrowdStrike, and Ping Identity launch the Critical Infrastructure Defense Project.
  • Patrick Beja - The View From Finland.
  • Biden Signs Executive Order Bullish on Crypto, Digital U.S. Dollar.
  • Islam has a rich tradition around finance. Crypto is prompting new questions.
  • Alphabet’s Google to Buy cybersecurity firm Mandiant in $5.4 Billion Deal.
  • China-backed APT41 compromised ‘at least’ six US state governments.
  • Researchers find potentially vulnerable smart home devices.
  • Attackers can force Amazon Echos to hack themselves with self-issued commands.
  • Tesla sends Powerwalls to Ukraine, expands free Supercharging, and gives up to 3 months of pay to employees going back to fight.
  • Amazon referred to DOJ for potential criminal obstruction of Congress.
  • Substack Debuts iOS App for Reading Newsletters.
  • Silenced No More Act: Washington passes the bill.
  • This bot is tweeting pay disparity data at companies posting about International Women’s Day.
  • Reid Hoffman has co-founded his first new company since LinkedIn sale.
  • Seeking the Productive Life: Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure.
  • Dirty Pipe: What you need to know about the major exploit affecting Pixel 6 and Galaxy S22 devices.
  • Google is releasing an open source harassment filter for journalists.
  • Android 12L is official as “Android 12.1,” rolling out now to Pixel phones.
  • March Pixel Feature Drop includes Live Caption on calls, night mode in Snapchat, and more.
  • Google releases Android 12 QPR3 Beta 1 to start previewing June’s Pixel Feature Drop.
  • Google kills Book-on-Google for hotels.
  • Google Fiber now offers Business 2 Gig plan for $250/month as 1 Gig drops to $100.
  • Google Voice and Fi temporarily waive calling fees to Ukraine.
  • Chrome OS 99 rolling out: Faster desk creation, improved palm rejection & Nearby Share.
  • Google is pulling the plug on Assistant Snapshot, the only trace left of Google Now.
  • Elon Musk asks court to scrap SEC agreement over his tweets, claiming he was ‘forced’ to enter into it.
  • Unbelievable S. Korean TV election graphics.
  • Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance found off coast of Antarctica.
  • Amazon’s Clubhouse competitor is here, turning hosts into DJs.


  • Stacey - Canāree Air Quality Monitor
  • Jeff - The Man from the Future: The Visionary Life of John von Neumann

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